Frient Motion Sensor Pro

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the Frient Motion Sensor Pro and would like to know if it works on the Homey-bridge? I dont have a Frient Motion Sensor Pro at the moment but would like to buy them but I have to be sure that they will work.
I checked in the app and tried to look for Frient devices when I am typing the name but it wont give me a list of Frient devices. I see it is Homey certified but just want to make sure so I hope that someone can give me feedback if he has a Frient Motion Sensor Pro that works on the Homey Bridge.


As you can see in the app store, the frient app is not supported by Homey Bridge yet, only by Homey Pro.
If the frient app will be supported by the Homey Bridge at some point, you should ask frient itself, because they are the developer of the app.

Hi fantross,

Can you tell me where you did find the information or did you find it in the appstore of android or apple?

We’re working on an update to release the Frient app to Homey Bridge on short term

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Hi Ted,

I can understand that you cannot give an exact date about the release but can you tell me if that would be if that will happen this year 2021 or next year? Thank you for your answer.

The update is in test phase, so I expect it to be released this month.

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That’s great news. Will keep my eye on this thread or is there a special section where new releases will be published about Homey Bridge?

In the internet app store, not in the Homey app:

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Thanks both of you. Good and fast answers but I also think I have found a good alternative, Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor, would be a good alternative I think. Its Homey Bridge compatible and features light measurement and movements.

Keep in mind that this sensor does not have temperature sensor and the light sensor only reports when motion is detected.

Even aannemen dat je Nederlander bent vertelt de omschrijving op Amazon mij het volgende “Met de geïntegreerde lichtintensiteitssensor kun je de helderheid van het licht herkennen.”

Yes, I’m Dutch… still responding in English (respecting this section of the forum).

Since I am also the developer behind the Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee app, I am also very aware of the device limitations of this sensor; irrespective of the marketing sentences being used.

In fact, both are true.

  • The integrated light intensity sensor will report the illumination (as advertised), but the device will only report illumination when motion is detected

Ted, I will respect it also and reply in English to give the whole community the chance to read the thread.
For example I want to use this in the hallway where I want that the light turns on when motion is detected but not when its light enough to enter the hallway. So I want to get the hallway light to be turned on when motion and when its dark outside. Could this sensor be enough to work you think?

The Frient app is now available on Homey Bridge


I tried to install the app but ir says its not compatible meaning he cannot find the app for Homey.

Unfortunately still waiting for Athom’s certification step; you can already install it through:

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Yes I could add it now. Now I can order some Frient sensors.

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Received my Frient Sensor Pro devices. Got 2 of them at Amazon for around €45,- and working perfectly. I just need them to turn lights on when its getting dark and if there is movement. So thank you for making the support of Frient app possible in Homey Bridge.

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