Frient Motion Sensor Pro, cannot install on Homey Pro

I bought the Frient Motion Sensor Pro. HW version 2.2.0. I want to install on my Homey Pro, version 8.0.5. I use the Frient app, version 1.1.0.

The sensor is not recognized by Homey, after the 15 seconds reset with the blinking red led.

Restarting app and Homey does not work.

Is this a known problem?

No one using this sensor with Homey?

Also my new Frient Entry Sensor Pro does not connect to my Homey Pro 8.0.5. No one using Frient devices?

No problem here.
4 smokedetectors, 3 heatdetectors and 1 motiondetector. All installed in 1 go and running without any problems, for more than 4 months now.

Good to hear. Which motion detector exactly?

I use tthe same one as you, the Frient Motion Sensor Pro and it works flawless.

Ok. Can you see if your sensor also is Hardware version 2.2.0? I am working with Frient Support now to get this solved, any info is very welcome!

Same hardware version here, Frient app is up to date and Homey is running 8.0.6 since 9 hours.
So same as with you, only I have no problems and everything is running flawless.

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A Zigbee reset fixed the problem. Case closed.

I bought the frient motion pro 3 weeks ago and now it is broke. Reset (15 sec) does not work and adding the device to Homey doesn’t work. Disappointing.

Same Here after 8 weeks….