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Amber - Not just Storage. A Safe Way to Share

Adds support for Amber - (NAS) https://www.myamberlife.com / https://amberpro.net

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  • Install this app on your Homey.
  • Go to new devices - Fill in IP - Username - Password
  • Data will be fetched.
  • Check statuses or create flows.

Current features:

  • Switch off. (on requires physical button press)
  • Display CPU %
  • Display Disk %
  • Display Temperature
  • Temperature alarm
  • Display online time
  • Get notification when a value has changed.
  • Flows

Using this app will prevent your HDD from Hibernation. I added a manual update card/button to the app if you don’t want the auto-update.
You can disable auto update in the Device settings

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution
or buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi or Bunq.me

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:computer: Apps made by @martijnpoppen

See for more apps link below :point_down:t2: or just open the pull down.



Live version and Test version

Changelog can be viewed on the app page.

To do:

  • [Feature Request] Implement Router - INVESTIGATE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the purpose of this app?
A1: With this app it’s possible to gain insights in your Amber NAS
A2: Next to that it’s possible to shutdown/reboot your Amber NAS from Homey.

Q2: My HDD is not hibernating
A1: This app calls the AmberPro API. This will function the same as opening Amber OS, so it will wake-up your HDD
A2: To prevent waking up you can disable auto-update in the device settings.
A3: To keep getting updates, but minimize the HDD hibernation wake-up you can use the update data flowcard/button

Q3: I cannot find router functions
A1: The router part needs to be developed. Currently I’m investigating that part

New app update (test: 1.1.0.):

  • NEW: add file upload via FTPS

The file will upload to the home folder of the logged in user. In a folder named 'homey-amber’

Example flow with Eufy doorbell image: Gedeelde Flow | Homey


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App is live! :smiley:

Amber Pro App voor Homey | Homey

New app update (live: 1.1.1.):

  • FIX: login mechanism

CC: @JJ.Jan

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Is Amber Pro app working with Homey Bridge? Or do we need to make another App for Homey Bridge on Homey Cloud?

For now it’s not possible.

Because of these 2 things:

  • Amber Pro should be reachable via cloud. Because Local LAN is not possible.

  • To get this App in to the store we should have a verfied Homey Developer account. So that can be that Amber partners up with Homey. Or it should go via the app developer.

New app update (test: 1.2.1.):

  • NEW: add Router functionality - connected/disconnected devices


  • This only works when Amber Pro is set to DHCP mode.
  • This requires a router password in device settings


default is admin1234 or Admin1234, then you can change


But the FYI was because of the new APP functionality :wink:

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New app update (test: 1.3.0.):

  • NEW: add AmberX
  • CHANGE: app name to Amber

New app update (test: 1.3.4.):

  • NEW: add AmberX
  • CHANGE: app name to Amber
  • FIX: enable FTP for Amber X
  • FIX: router for Amber Pro when interval disabled

New app update (test: 2.0.3.):

  • NEW: Homey integration (no bridge needed)
  • NEW: improved paring for Homey Pro
  • NEW: add login instructions for cloud

Note: This update can cause your current installed devices to break.

  • If that’s the case. Replace the username and password with your admin account which you use for the local webpanel.
  • If that doesn’t work. Please remove and pair again.

Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

New app update (test: 2.0.10.):

  • NEW: Homey integration (no bridge needed)
  • NEW: improved paring for Homey Pro
  • NEW: add login instructions for cloud
  • FIX: issue with login [Pro]
  • FIX: amber ip discovery
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New app update (test: 2.1.0.):

  • NEW: Homey (cloud) integration

New app update (live: 2.1.2.):

  • NEW: Homey (cloud) integration

Amber is now available on Homey Cloud! :tada: . (No bridge required)