[APP][Pro] Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo - Home control, based on Netatmo Cloud API

Hello everyone!
Is there a way to integrate the MyHomeServer1 devices? I have all the lights and shutters in Home + Control.
I’m a developer, @Gal_Carmeli if you need I can help.

Hi @andrekiba,

If there are devices that are not supported, I would love to add them to my app.
Would you be willing to share your home with me, so I will be able to implement the integration?
The way to add me as a guest to your house is:

  1. Open the Netatmo Home+ Control App on your smartphone
  2. Click the "Settings’ icon (the “Gear” icon) at the bottom
  3. Choose “User Management”
  4. Invite me by using my email.

If you agree, I must warn you that I will have access to your devices.
I promise not to change any of your device settings without coordinating with you first.
I totally understand if you do not feel comfortable in adding me as a guest - it’s perfectly understandable, but this is the only way I can implement the integration to this device.

Hi Gal,
before share my devices and add you as a guest I prefer that we get to know each other first.
It seems natural to me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t trust you.

I also see that the app shows the github link but nothing is found. If the app does not have economic purposes, it seems to me that GitHub is the ideal place to collaborate (and also possibly where to open issues and new requests) together with this beautiful forum.

I would be very happy to collaborate with you if possible.
In case you want to add me this si my GitHub andrekiba (Andrea Ceroni) · GitHub


Hi @andrekiba,

I would love the get to know you better, but unfortunetly, my code is not for sharing at the moment.
If there is anything I can do in oredr to gain your confidence except for sharing my code, please let me know.


For what it is worth (I am in no way related to @Gal_Carmeli):
I shared my home with him as well. Unfortunately, he could not add my device, but I can confirm that he has handled everything with the utmost respect and confidentially.
So, if you want your device added, I can really reccommend sharing your home with him.
Of course, you can always delete his login to your house if you feel like it…

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I can also recommend Gal. I have also shared my home for adding the Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

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I can’t help but be positive. I volunteer myself from the first hour and have been at the base to help develop the app. I hope you are convinced of the many positive reactions and that you may also want to help in the further development of the app by granting access to devices.

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Hi @Gal_Carmeli! Can you confirm you have disabled the garage opener device? Thanks!

Yes. I removed it since it was defined as a “sensitive device” which can not be controlled by 3rd party apps (e.g.: Homey).
More details can be found here: