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Does anyone know where the learned commands are stored? Is that something that is stored in the app settings, or are the commaneds stored on the RM3 Mini itself? Had to factory reset the RM3 mini, and remove/readd the device, now (obviously) all commands are gone. I’m in doubt if a restore of the Homey back-up will restore the commands. (Missing one of the remotes that the RM3 learned it’s commands from, so I can’t just re-learn them).


Under advanced settings

Maybe a stupid question :frowning: I install the red one with Homey with the new app. “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” :slight_smile: now here is my question. How do I learn the app de commando’s? Is there somebody how can tell me so I can use my airco with Homey. Thanks in advance!! Greets Gerben

It’s all there

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Hi, thanks for making the adjustment for the RM4! I have installed the Broadlinkred v1.02 and followed the instructions. But in the homey app, I only see a button to add IR signals, no RF button. I have "unity-mode"switched on. Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong? And is it normal that the RM4 is added as “unknown (x:x:x:x:x)” under devices? Thanks for any help.

Hi, I disabled the RF because I don’t have a RM4, so I have no way to test it.

Also ‘unknown’ is possible with a RM4 because I added a few model codes of the RM4, but I couldn’t find a full list with model codes

That’s too bad… I bought it especially for the RF. Is is possible to reactivate the RF button to see if it works? If not, I need to find another solution :frowning:
The RM4 works quite well with copying 433 Mhz signals (I have tested it on my Ikohs ceiling fan).

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Hi Vincent_Vans,

Just curious, what Ikohs ceiling fan do you have? I have a Windcalm DC and I counldn’t learn the RF code and replay it succesfully. I used Homey and a sonoff rf bridge.

I will have a look later today or this week.
Are you familiar with manual uploading an app to homey (actually not so difficult)?

Then I could upload the modified code to github and you could try yourself. (Without compromising the ‘original’ app)

But if you could google somewhere if the RF signal also needs the modified code, would be usefull.

Thanks a lot! No experience with uploading an app but I will probably manage that :wink: Don’t know what you mean with the “modified code” though, sorry.

No worries I will check.

Could you give me your device type?
I think you should see this when adding.
For example: 0x610e (is a RM4)

I have the LIGHTCALM ZWART (Plafondventilator 40W DC achteruit met licht) with a white IKOHS remote with green prints on it. I bypassed the crappy LED and connected it directly to my wall dimmer switch in combination with some dimmable IKEA lamps. I just needed a programmable remote for the 433Mhz signal to control the speed. Works fine! Except no solution (yet) to connect it with Homey.

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Hi Pieter, reinstalling the device made me realise you have modified the drivers for the RM4 mini and not the RM4 pro (which I have). So it is probably not going the work if your drivers are based on the RM3 mini, am I right? Could not find any device type, except for the PID and DID in the Broadlink app. Sorry, I am a Noob :frowning:

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Should be all the same. RM4 Pro should work

Is it recognized as RM4? Or unknown (then the model id should be displayed)

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That would be great! The RM4 is added as “unknown (x:x:x:x:x)” under devices. The x part is the MAC ID (checked it with the Broadlink app and router info)

Well good to know it should work. It seems you have the same remote and reciever I have on the IKOHS.
Looks like this?.
I will try with a RM3 Pro from a friend to see if I can copy and send a good the Signal.

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Just tested the RM3 Pro+ and indeed it works with my IKOHS FAN.
Added the RM3 in Homey and see if I can learn the RF commands via Homey too.

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Hi all,
Just a question about which app to install for a RM3 mini.
In the (official) Homey app store I see a Broadlink app version 2.0.5
In the Community app store I see a Broadlink app version 1.0.0
There is also a Broadlink Red app version 1.0.2 in the Community app store.

The all should support the RM3 mini.
I am lost now… Which app to install best and what are the differences or (dis)advantages of these apps?

v 2.0.5 is the official app

in the community App Store= 1.0.2 (1.0.0 should be deleted by the mod)
this is the ‘red’ Broadlink app, which works with the new RM3 and RM4 devices

ok tried to modify the app a bit to support the RM4 pro, but honestly I am a noob, and for the moment no big succes.

The fact I also don’t have such a devices doesn’t/t make it easier…

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