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This discussion is started to centralize all Questions, Answers and Information around Nexa App for 433 MHz devices


This topic is not actively monitored by Athom. If you have issues with this app, please report it to support@athom.com, mentioning the version of the app + a good description of the issue.


Supported devices

  • CMR-101
  • ECMR-250
  • EYCR-201
  • EYCR-2300
  • LCMR-1000
  • LGDR-3500
  • LKCT-614
  • LMDT-609
  • LMLR-710
  • LMST-606
  • WMR-252
  • WMR-3500

Temporary board for inventory devices for developing New Apps for Telldus and Nexa

Known Issues

Known Issues will be posted below.
Be free to ask and discuss anything around these devices here!

Generic 433MHz issues like a limited receive range, unreliable (one-way) communication disturbance from other 433 devices and a sometimes a hanging RF microcontroller in Homey may affect your experience. See the (to be created Troubleshooting RF 433MHz discussion)

App Contributors

The Nexa App is closed (not available on GitHub) but actively maintained by Athom.

Report Bugs for this App to the Developers

  • Please use the Link in the App Store and follow the community guidelines, the more info provided the faster it can be solved.

Forum Discussion

Initial Discussion created by @Dijker with info from the community
Ask any Moderator to add/update/correct this Discussion.


Nexa - Frequently Asked Questions

To be updated (reserved)

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Can you please add support for WTE-1 and WTE-2?


My Nexa-devices dissapear (broken link) when Homey reboots, so I need to re-add them and go through all my flows every time I have rebooted Homey.

This is a know issue, we already fixed it in the next Homey Firmware version (it is caused by a “bug” in Homey core)

Please add support for NEYCT-705 and LWST-615.


Is it possible to use any of nexas fire alarms? For example NEXA-101LC?


Is it possible to change sound on lmlr-710 (without using the physical button(

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Please add support for IPT-1502


Nexa is an Athom App,
Pleas use the form mentioned here below

  • Request to Add support for NEW Features and NEW Devices

Thought I’d just put this up here in case any other newbies like me wondering about support for nexa mwmr-251.
I was able to add it using the klikaanklikuit app and adding it as an acm-250.
The mwmr 251is a very practical little thing enabling the use of a physical switch as well, both on/off/dim.


Any chance to add 868 MHz devices`? from Nexa fire and security


You can make a request for support using this form

Als just informative to read the Welcome to the forum! gives you a bit of info how things work on the forum

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Please could you add support for Nexa Z-Wave 868,42MHz devices?

First welcome @Wenna

Secondly if you would have read the topic, and to be exactly the post above yours, you would see how to make your request :joy:

Thank you Roy, I did read it and I did put in a request using that form. But I also read somewhere (maby was in linked form) that I could also put out a request on the community forum for the chance that an app developer could pick it up.

Hey Weena,

Just for the information, as Athom is the devoleper of the nexa app. Using the form is the only correct way.

Ofcourse when its about a app thats from a community member, you would asked that in the right topic.

Have a lot of fun whit that white ball:+1::+1::+1:

Ooops, sorry about that. I didn´t take notice of Athom being the developer of the Nexa app :slight_smile:

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Unable to get LRLR-710 doorbell to learn from homey without remote

I have several Nexa Ringclock (LMLR-710) and they have worked nice for a long wile. But they have stopped ringing. I have buttons (LMLT-711) connected to Homey and they send their signal correct. But then the Ring of the bell dosen’t work.
I have 2 of them with the same issue. I have removed them, readded them, have powered them of on. I can add them and they do notify so the connection work. But then they do not ring. Have also of course restarted Homey as well.

Running version 2.00