Support for Nexa IPR-3500?

Just got my new Homey Pro (Early 2023) yesterday and started to move all the existing sockets and stuff from my old Zipato system. I’ve got a lot of different brands on the sockets but have been able to add almost all of them! :slight_smile: So far Homey Pro seems to be a huge step up from my old system!

The only socket I failed to add was the Nexa IPR-3500 outdoor socket. I have tried to add it using a lot of different brands/apps but failed.

So my question is, have anyone else been able to add this socket to Homey Pro? …and if yes, which “driver” did you use?


You probably tried all other NEXA sockets already, if that’s not working, ask the App maker to add your device to the App.

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Not meant funny, but are you sure about the distance? Especially when pairing, keep it within a meter or two
Also, there’s serveral posts of Pro23 433MHz issues (f.i. it’s range is shorter instead of longer than Pro19)

Sadly you don’t mention any brand or apps you’ve tried, so, did you try this

This must be the same device as the IPR-3500 (Nexa/KaKu/Trust are one)

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Update! The issue have been resolved.

The problem seemed to be that the memory was full in the IPR-3500.
I erased the memory / Reset and after that I successfully added it by using Nexa’s modell EYCR-2300.
One thing that was odd was that the IPR-3500 did not acknowledge the pairing by going on/off a couple of times as the other on/off sockets have done. It didn’t show any signs on that the pairing was successfull, but I answered “Yes” and added it anyway, and it worked.

Regarding the range, the IPR-3500 is located outside, 10 meters from the house where the Homey Pro sits. But thanks for letting me know. I will move the units closer when pairing if there’s problems adding them.

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