[APP] LOQED - Your personal doorman


Is it possible to add a tag ‘user’ to these three?
So the names and/or emailadresses can be used in the then-card?

Can you change the “name” tag as it implies the lock-name and not the user-name

are people working on the issues on github ?
I have a non functional Loqed device through Homey…


Could you send me a diagnostic?

In the Homey app, goto the LOQED app, and press Send Diagnostic report.

No, sorry, these are default Homey flowcards and cannot be changed by a developer.

If you need the tags, use the custom flowcard : Lock Status Changed, that one has the tags:

It’s actually neither: It’s the Key name, as shown in the flowcard :wink:

i am the one that reported issue #30
(Loqed unlock command from Homey doesnt open the door while the unlock button in the Loqed app does · Issue #30 · loqed-nl/homey-app · GitHub)
i have created some videos to explain the difference between the unlock command in IOS app and the homey app…

Can you share those with me?

i have uploaded them here link

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If i want to make a notification and use the of the person i have use this card for every user… per action

Is it possible to change it to have an extra option so it triggers without specifying the user ( a “all user” option ).

I really don’t want to clone this card 12+ times for every action and remember to change it X times when a user is added/removed.