[APP] ICO Pool/Spa


yes I did the initial configuration through the ICO mobile application, which I use to retrieve the pool water values. I also created a personal account on the ICO account via their website. To add it to my Homey, I do it by adding new hardware (Homey/Device/New device), like everything I have already installed. To make sure I didn’t make a mistake, I put the same password on the application and on the website. I don’t understand …

Thank you for your help.



The Ondilo website account is for their shop and is not used for by the mobile app nor the Homey app.

You must use the same account and password you made with the mobile app.


This is what I do but I come back to the starting point every time 


I love the app, nice job.
their i one thing i missing, a card when water quality changes.
Is it possible the add this? would be great to notify when water quality changes.

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Impossible de reconnecter mon ICO spa

Votre connexion n’est pas privée

Des individus malveillants tentent peut-être de subtiliser vos informations personnelles sur le site interop.ondilo.com (mots de passe, messages ou numéros de carte de crédit, par exemple). En savoir plus


Same problem here. The ondilo API is not reachable.

Since today my ico doesn’t update anymore.
Try restart app but doesn’t helped, so try to repair but after login and see the norification i can close the window, homey keep loading.

I saw a notice in the ICO mobile app yesterday, that they are doing maintenance.

And as I can see the app in Homey hasn’t updated any values for the past 24 hours.

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I have the same problem. My values on the Homey ICO app are 2 days old now. Please have a look at this issue.

The values on the ICO app looks good. But on Homey I still have the measures 2 days ago.

I guess something is wrong on the server side, I see data coming in, but every value is “0” or not set.
I do see recommendations coming in…

The app is not the problem, it is the API of Ondilo which is returning empty values.

@evdpol : I have a problem with syncing since today 11:00, since the new IOS app 4.0. Does everyone has the same problem?

Ondilo is working on their API I guess, getting error messages as response.