[APP] ICO Pool/Spa

I think it ignores day time saving time.
Indeed, it is timezone independent.
You could subtract 60minutes by this calculation: 60/4=15
So, 180-15=165 (Azimuth changes 1° every 4 minutes).

Yes, I’ll do that. However, the azimut is not linear, but that shouldn’t change a lot. I’m disappointed that there’s no way to calculate time in Homey, e.g. (solar noon)-(filtration duration/2), but I guess I have to live with that. There also should be a “time” variable. Maybe an idea for further development?

Thank you for this great app.

A suggestion:
I would like the ability to use ICOs values in “AND” (and “OR”) in my flows.
For example, "When time is 22:00 AND ICO.Redox > 550 Then turn Pump Off.
( Do not stop pump when redox is low so salt clorinator can produce more clorine.)

/ Jörgen

As with most apps, that functionality is by default to be found in the Logics cards:

Many thanks form making ICO Pool/Spa app working with Homey 2023 Pro. Only 1 measure is missing (TDS in french).

Kind regards

Hi Alexandre,

Glad you like it! The TDS is only available for non-salt pools/spas.

– Edwin

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the advice and sorry for the question.

Kind regards

I like your app, but since 3 days there is no connection possible. I tried to reinstall the app, but:


Quite true, something maybe has changed with the API?
Or ICO has just broken it?

I’m getting this:

ICO sent an email a fee days ago that they had a maintenance break yesterday… I also think they changed something

Well, the /pools endpoint gives an error:

{"error":{"message": "Cannot get user's pools"}}

If they did change something, it is not yet visible in their API documentation.

I also get some weird errors when fetching the latest measurements:

    "data_type": null,
    "value": 26.8,
    "value_time": "2023-06-19 16:37:35",
    "is_valid": true,
    "exclusion_reason": null
  "statusCode": 500,
  "error": {
    "type": "SERVER_ERROR",
    "description": "ERROR: Undefined property: stdClass::$exclusion_reason on line 310 in file /var/www/interopbridge/src/Infrastructure/BackendHandler.php."

I guess they are still working some things out, this isn’t even valid data.
Give it some time, and I will check again the next couple of days.

The app has nothing to do with the errors.

If anyone has an update regarding the API (like a maintenance email etc.) please let us know here.
I do not own the device, so I am depending on your information regarding the status. :wink:

– Edwin

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Infact, the has been maintenance over the weekend:

And since then, my ICO Spa has had intermittent success to send its hourly data burst.

Since version 1.3.3, it seems that Ondilo API is no more reachable for me.
Can you check please ?


Hi Timy,

The Ondilo API is giving an empty response.
There is nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.

Maybe they are working on the API again…

Edit: @timy Never mind! This is a bug, will fix asap!

Edit 2: App is updated, can you let me know if it is fixed @timy?

– Edwin

Hi Edwin, @evdpol

Thank you very much for the quick fix and respons.
It works fine with version 1.3.4 !



Depuis mon acquisition d’un ICO POOL il y a bientôt 1 an, je n’arrive pas a récupérer les valeurs. Je bloque sur la connection du compte. Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

Merci d’avance


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Since my acquisition of an ICO POOL almost a year ago, I have not been able to recover the values. I’m stuck on account connection. Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance


Have used the ICO mobile app for the initial setup of your ICO?
During the first setup you create an account with ICO service.
When the ICO is setup and you have the account, then use the same account for setup of ICO app on Homey.