[APP] ICO Pool/Spa


ICO for Homey

App Store Page: ICO App for Homey | Homey


ICO will monitor your pool/spa.

It analyzes your water quality, helps you with your maintenance and anticipates changes in the weather.

Supported Cards

  • [TRIGGER] Battery level changed
  • [TRIGGER] Temperature changed
  • [TRIGGER] Redox value changed
  • [TRIGGER] pH value changed
  • [TRIGGER] RSSI value changed
  • [TRIGGER] Salt value changed
  • [TRIGGER] TDS value changed


Add the device as you would add any device to Homey. A polling frequency of 15 minutes is used to update the status of the device in Homey (like what is the current pH value) based on the actual status of the device. Due to the fact that ICO takes measures every hour, this update interval is more than enough.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.


19-06-2023 - The Ondilo API gives some weird responses, so your device may not work properly. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about it. Please contact Ondilo for further support and let us know in this thread if you have more information.

02-03-2021 - As @Alexandre_Lechenne is mentioning is his post, the service should be up again. Thanks for the update!

01-03-2021 - It looks like the Ondilo API is not available at the moment.
Therefor, the Homey App cannot connect. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about it. Please contact Ondilo for further support.


Cool nice product, too bad they are so expensive! Would love to own something like this for my summer temp pool, but can’t sell this to my wife.

Installation problem…
I only get http error 500 no mater what I do?
Any idea?

Best regards

It looks like the Odilo API is down.

The login page gives a 500 error.

I do not own a Ondilo device, if someone could contact them and ask why their API is down, would be great :wink:

I post an issue on their support last week-end and they replied to me that the server is in maintenance. On March 1st the service is now on.

I try to make a flow that says WHEN it’s 10AM AND pool-temp<10degrees THEN turn on my pump for two hours. How can I do this, I only see WHEN Temp becomes less than, but that doesn’t help, does it…?

Try using logics card “is less than” at ‘AND’.

When you select the card, you can find and pick the “temperature” tag of your ICOpool device, by typing “temperature”

Time is 10AM
Logics [Temperature] is less than 10
Turn on Pump
Turn off Pump after 2 hours

Thank you Peter, that works!

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Now the next challenge: When the T is more or equal to 10degrees but less than 28degrees, the pump should turn on for T/2 hours. Hope you can help!

Here’s a nice Logics how-to

OK, but how to configure the time “on”: temp divided by two (or 0.5 x temp)…?

Ah I didn’t get that part at first
You can do it like this.
First create a Logics numeric variable, I called it temp/2
Read device “Ventilator Toilet” as the Pump

( Chronograph: if you add a timer as action, and give it a unique name, the timer gets created as soon as the timer is started).

(About the calculation:
{{round([value]/2 ,0)}} means ‘value divided by 2 and rounded to whole numbers’.
And f.i. {{round([value]/2 ,2)}} means ‘value divided by 2 and rounded to two digits’.)

Screenshot of the timer ‘Pump’ running (the temp was 18°):

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Trying it out, thank you for now!

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Works fine now, thank you so much!

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Next challenge: My filtration works (water temperature in °C/2) hours per day. I want to maximise usage of the solar power, and would need to center the filtration around solar noon (which I found in the “sun events” app). So how do I change the start-time daily to (solar noon-(filtration-time/2))? I would need to calculate time, but nowhere I found how (by the way, writing scripts is not my cup of tea…). Hope someone can help!

You can use Sun Events like:
Azimuth change
Azimuth is between 179 and 182

Azimuth is sun position in degrees.
In 24hrs the world rotates 360°, the solar noon is at 180°

Thank you, excellent idea!!!

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The problem is that Solar Events does not give the correct values for the azimut, it has one hour delay… Of course I could correct that in the calculation, but a big (…) advantage of using azimut is that when the legal time changes I don’t have to change the flow. Why the azimut-value is incorrect, how to change that?