[APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom)

Interesting. I disabled the flow I created and made a new one with only a timeline message for turning on and turning off.

When walking past the motion sensor, it always lights up when walking into reach. But there are no timeline messages posted. Also: no movement is detected according to the MS notifications. When I check the past, I see it did register some movements in the last 24 hours. The MS is in a hallway with quite some traffic. I’d say it registered only 25% of movements (at most).

My homey is in a cupboard on the ground floor, this device is on the first floor. There’s about 5-6 metres between the two devices (one wooden floor and one wooden door). Could it be a problem with reach, or is it a problem with the device itself?

Should the MS usually be foolproof, or is the Fibaro MS known to drop some of the detected motion?

Have you added your motion sensor using non-secure or secure connection?
If secure, try adding it in non-secure mode, it’s more reliable:

I have 4 Fibaro Motion Sensors, and 3 Aeotec TriSensors, and Fibaro is working a way better for me.

That’s not what those 2 do, they will both include your device as unsecure as both are either unsecure or only S0 (which gets include insecure nonetheless in Homey).
There are 2 because 1 is a very old type with less options and parameters, the other is the “newer” but still 5/6 years old (if not older).

These are two different devices indeed. I can’t add the MS when using the non Z-wave option.

The last 24h it didn’t send any movement through to Homey, while the LED does blink every time you walk past…

Sounds like distance (/interference) issue.

Any cheap z-wave extender you can recommend to test this? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with @Caseda, I think there might be some distance/interference issue.
First of all I would place Homey at an other location if possible and NOT in a cupboard. Also not in the near to some metal and other electronic devices like WiFi Router.

In my opinion poor range extender, e.g. Aeotec Range Extender 7, have a slight better performance than other Z-Wave devices. But I don’t like them because they are more or less useless. So I would prefer f.e. a Smart Plug which can also be used to switch something on/off. Because simple Smart Plugs, with or without power measurement, are supported as generic device. So there is no need to by an expensive Fibaro, Aeotec, etc. Smart Plug. And every main powered Z-Wave device is a repeater.

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Ordered a Z-Wave smart-plug, to be continued.

Will discuss with my female counterpart if the Homey is ‘stylish’ enough to move out of the cupboard. :wink: Must say I don’t have any other issues with all the Zigbee devices in house, even though both Hue Bridge and router are also in the cupboard.

I recommend reading the article to understand the basics of Z-Wave:

Hello, I have problems with the tilt position of the blinds in the mobile app. I can see the option, but I can’t select it. In the web app I can see both functions and I can also execute both. Also in google Home I only see the position but no tilt position.
I have already recalibrated and switched from blinds to shutters and back again.
Could it be a bug?

Yes - it was actually the bug, which seems to be fixed (at least for me)

HI Sharky,doesnt seem to be fixed for me. Rollershutter with ventian blinds is still a problem

Did you update your Mobile app? Which version you are on?