[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

It’s becoming more and more common that manufacturers say a device “supports Matter”, when in fact it doesn’t. The required bridge supports Matter.

If more and more manufacturers do this, then Matter is going in the wrong direction. The CSA should prevent this.
Quote from the CSA homepage:

Why Standards?

To make the IoT more accessible, secure, and usable, the Connectivity Standards Alliance creates and promotes universal, open standards that enable products to securely connect and interact. The power of these standards, packaged with our certification frameworks and tools, is proven to:

  • Increase adoption and growth across the IoT value chain
  • Improve value of IoT experiences for customers and consumers
  • Grow business for our Members


Lumi Technology seems to focus only on the last point: Grow business

But it’s getting off topic, sorry.

Is it possible to add the light sensor GZCGQ11LM to the app?

the xxx01LM can be connected, but the xxx11LM cannot

Any update on this as I would also like it to be added


I’d love this too

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Basically this. If it says it supports Matter and it actually doesn’t across other bridges, then it’s false advertising in my mind and shouldn’t be allowed to display Matter on the product.

do we lose local mode support?

The Matter part should work locally.

Does anybody else has issues with the aqara plug (eu and us) going on and off by itself at random times (mostly when there is little power consumption)?

Aqara plugs are known to interact with IKEA remotes (see this post, for example), even if they are not in the same network (so, theoretically, it could be a remote that your neighbour uses). I don’t think there’s a solution for fixing that with Homey (other Zigbee controllers can “unsubscribe” the plugs from the Zigbee group that they, by default, listen on for messages).


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Could you please let me know about the support of the new Aqara U200 smart lock?
Homey already included the U200 in their last Best Buy article of Smart Locks, however I got the lock in hand, and I can’t get it added to Homey Pro hence it’s not supported yet.

Is there an estimate of when it’s going to be supported?

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The best buy guide suggests that the lock works with Homey using Thread, so without an app.

Hmm, I tried to connect it via Matter and that didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Might be me who are doing something wrong.

I always wonder why people think that just saying “it didn’t work” provides enough information for others to help out :sweat_smile: You have to provide a bit more information.

Alternatively, since the device is mentioned in the best buy guide, you can contact Athom through the support system and ask them how the device can be paired with Homey.

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Is it possible for me to add China version of Aqara products to Homey Pro?

I am thinking of buying the China version from Taobao e-commerce site as they are relatively cheaper as compare to global version.

Thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to share the following. I have some Aqara plugs, which I use for power monitoring. I saw that Homey uses the last send wattage when they lose connection. This leads to faulty reporting.

Apps don’t know if a device loses connection, so all the app can show is the last value it received (in other words: it’s a shortcoming of Homey itself, not of the app).

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My experience with motion sensors is they only report the LUX on motion.
Thats why i hope they will add support for the T1 sensor in the Homey app.
Otherwise its time to move over to HA