[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

try updating the app

1.4.1 is the latest version in the store…Maybe I have to test the 1.5 version which isn’t in the store yet.

worth a try i guess

Thanks Ted for managing expectations - even if it means that I need to wait longer for FP1 support. Keep up the good work!

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All my devices shows a ? on the “online” status - but they are still working

edit: now only the sleepy end devices shows a ?, and i think that is perfectly normal. Only the wired devices shows as online

Hi. Is there a way to implement the possibilty to change the sensivity of the aqara vibration sensor? Thank you, Don

added my E1 roller shade , it is added succesfully but remains in default state…
actions don’t work unless i restart the aqara app and try again…
also battery level is not updated

There isn’t but I believe year or so ago TED was “considering” to add it (might be wrong though)

FYI, nice - those of you having it, you can try with CLI method after merging commits.

Same for Aqara Plug (SP-EUC01/lumi.plug.maeu01), in case you are looking for memory power outage

@TedTolboom Will the mentioned devices be integrated this quarter or are we talking about upcoming year?
I’m new to the community so haven’t got a clue what the update schedule is, sorry.

Why, you would like to contribute yourself? Go ahead please, that’s why it’s community based (no promises, no ETA…) and if you go through this thread, you may find your answer.

Hi, i just bought Aquara Motion Sensor P1 and i see that device on app page Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee App for Homey | Homey but when i add it to devices is sais "Could not find a Homey App for this device, it has been added as “Unknown Zigbee Device”. Whats the problem there? I difference that is newer P1 version for Zigbee 3.0? Thx

Hi, can you help me?
I have a Aqara H1 Wireless Switch Double remote (lumi.remote.b28ac1). How can i set the click mode (fast single mode or multi mode)? Unfortunately, it paired with multi click mode and this mode is very slow. Thank you.

removed and added it again now the battery status is correct :slight_smile:

As i wrote yesterday Aquara Motion Sensor P1 is not working, but what about older version of Aquara Motion Sensor, does it work? I could return it and buy older.

Look at the first post of the thread and the list of supported devices.

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or…install from CLI, see above just few messages up

Sharkys, you might consider giving a little more information if you want to be helpful to people who aren’t already Homey developers. I found this page that might help people understand what on earth you are talking about: Homey CLI - Homey Apps SDK

In such case it is better to validate that commit by TED (btw I’m also not developer) or wait for his update.
Anyway, I was referring about CLI install method - [HOW TO] CLI install method

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Ok, but i need to wait until the merge of the push request, right? Or could I fork it, merge that pull by me, and install my fork?