[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Im crazy about this device, and cant wait for it to be supported. The functionality through the aqara app/hub seems amazing as you can set zones within one sensor!

Does anyone @TedTolboom know if this device will be supported, it has to go through the hub in order to use these functionalities or wil the homey aqara app be enough (guess it would be hard to configure the zones then.

I will soon be ordering some (either with or without the hub)

installed it and will add the E1 roller when i am back home later today :slight_smile:
many thanks for all your hard work !!

Thanks Ted!

I’ve installed the test app and confirmed that my rollers are working perfectly.

I had been using the Aqara hub and after the reset it’s kept the blind open/closed levels I had set with the Aqara hub.

Battery is reporting correctly as well. It’s looking good!

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Thanks for the feedback.
Indeed setpoints and curtain direction are kept transfering between controller (or after re-adding to Homey). For that reason, at first inclusion the corresponding parameters should be read and stored.

For now, executing the calibration should be done manually per the steps described in the manual. I am checking if it is possible to add a guided manual calibration from the Homey app.

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@TedTolboom you don’t happen to have any assistance with this, been stuck a while:


I have bought the Aqara Wireless Wall Switch E1, but it won’t connect to Homey…
Homey adds it as a unknown Zigbee device with product ID “lumi.remote.acn003”

Any idea how I can connect it to Homey?

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

Clearly Homey with it’s community developers who put so much love and effort in is not for you.
And clearly; Ted put a LOT more love and effort in than you:

I suggest to sell your Homey and switch to Telldus.
Bye! :wave:


And maybe it will never come this year, you never know. BUT - I guess if there would be better candidate then TED, I think someone would already have submitted pull request on GitHub and guess what … nobody did that. But you can always donate and you never know - maybe it will change the priorities and speed of community developer, maybe not… but please, don’t troll.

Btw, aside of this E1, I see someone posted Add power outage memory to settings for MAEU01 , which some users might be interested about.

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Great Ted with an update! Happy to see your alive :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work and hope you have more time the coming weeks for more updates, keep it up!


Hello Ted thanks for the good work :muscle:

The Roller shade driver E1 i have seen is added.

Will the Aqara curtain Driver E1 also be added??


Following previous expressed statements in this topic (expectation management):

In the priority setting of adding new Aqara devices I will focus on main stream Aqara devices in the EU sales area (main focus area of Homey) first.

Consequently the focus will be to integrate support for below devices first (parallel to bug fixing and minor feature implementations):

  • Roller Shade Driver E1 (released in v1.5.0)
  • Smart Roller Shade Controller (WIP, similar to Roller Shade Driver E1)
  • Motion Sensor P1
  • Curtain driver E1
  • Radiator Thermostat E1

Off course I will take into account popular devices available outside the EU sales area (e.g. FP1 sensor) for the next integration steps.

Please note that the total Aqara portolio, as shown on the Chinese version of the site, is growing rapidly (300+ SKU’s).
Where some series of devices are exclusively available in China only.

I fully recognize that not everyone will agree to this order of adding device support, but I try to be transparent to manage everyone’s expectations.


Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 does not stop. It keeps rolling.
It is impossible to go to a surtain position.

Have you set the blind start and endpoint as per the instruction manual?

No I have not. I see that I should do that. I will do that and see if it works.
Thanks for your comment.

After setting the start and endpoint it works great.


@TedTolboom Thank you very much, just added 9 Aqara E1 Shade devices.

All were added without issue.

Thanks again, will add the remaining E1s tomorrow.


Hi! I’ve added 3 aqara e1 roller shades, all without any issues. Big thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Don’t know if i should post the following question in the group thread but since there’s most likely a few in this thread that has been waiting and now adding the E1 roller shade I’ll try here first. I tried making a group with these 3 roller shades using group but it couldn’t find any devices with “shade ability”. Has any one else tried to group several e1 roller shades and has any tips on how to do it, with or any other way?

More people who experience problems with the motion sensors? Since a couple of weeks/month the trigger not as reliable as before. All 4 sensors start doing this on exactly the same time, maybe because of an update of Homey? Because the Aqara app itself hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Anyone who encountered this problems has found a solution for this?

haven’t notice any problems on my motion sensors. which app version are you running?