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Yes, that was the wrong order.
And although the banner appears “Will be saved at the next automatic WakeUp…” my experience is that this will not happen.

Thanks … see my edit above onbthe Aeotec support answer :grimacing: was just typing when you already replied

Changes of parameters on battery-powered Z-Wave devices must always be saved in this order:

  1. wake up device
  2. save changes

K thanks for the tip :+1:
Will keep in mind

Weird Aeotec does not know themselves :joy:


Since v3.8 I have 11 Aeotec multisensor 6 devices, all of which are reporting motion sensor alarms and not cancelling by themselves, despite various sensitivity settings.

The false alarm state survives a homey reboot

How can I help further diagnose a bug?

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V3.8.6 here, no problems.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to help diagnose this?

Yes, contact Aeotec:


Hi there

I am just testing some ddor sensors. Today I wanted to connect the Aeotec door/window sensor 7 Pro. App Version 3.8.6. After three or four tries at least sensor was found.Before installing I always test if sensor is working correctly…but nothing is happening. Seems that the contact function is not working. Battery status is shown. But no function on sensor open or closed. Attached a screen shot from Homey developer.

This is how it looks in the App

Node 3 (Fibaro door sensor) is working correctly…

Any idea anyone?


Okay…if you press the button five times magnet is activated!!

Sure but Aeotec’s advice is how to set the cancellation time. I know how to do that. It’s set to 60 seconds. The firmware hasn’t changed since the problem has presented itself. Only thing that has changed is the Homey Aeotec App (v3.8). How can it be diagnosed what about that version is not happy with my devices?

According the change log of the Homey Aeotec App (Link), the last change regarding the MS 6 (ZW100) was done in v3.2.0 (added Russian ID device). But at version v3.8.0/3.8.1 there were made general fixes for Homey Firmware Version v7.4.1. I don’t know if changes have been made that could possibly affect the behavior of the MS 6.

Some suggestions:

  • exclude/include a MS6
  • check if there is a new firmware for the MS 6 → update (Link)
  • contact Aeotec, as they are also responsible for the Homey App development

If you have no possibility to update the firmware of the MS 6, then I could provide you with an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5

Btw, the Aeotec Homey App v3.8.0 was already released on the 3rd of June 2022. Did you update the app just a few weeks ago?

Did anyone here having good experience with the multisensor.

Read some message they are updating slow ? Humidity

MS6 or MS7?
Battery or current powered?

Some time ago I had the MS6 in use (battery operated). I didn’t pay attention to the reporting interval for humidity, but the lux value was updated only every 60 minutes with the default settings. After I reduced the “WakeUp Interval” to 240 seconds, Lux values were sent every 4 minutes (please have a look at this topic (sorry, only in German language)). However, this significantly increased the battery consumption.
Some time later I powered the MS6 via USB cable. I can’t remember at what interval the values were transmitted, but I would say they were in a “normal” range. In addition, the interval also depends on the device settings.
But I have no experience with the MS7 so far, sorry.

Do you still have problems with the multisensor? I have a multisensor 6 connected to power with usb. But I have problems with it sending motion events. The rgb led on the sensor is green long time before homey gets any motion events. What might be wrong?

After updating to all the latest firmware / app / and IOS app …. My switch 7 does notvreport on the intervals i have set.

When all intervals are at 1 …. Still it reports every 10 only … example below did not update for 2 minutes

FYI, if someone would be looking for water leak sensor for inspection concrete shaft for house water connection, with a cast iron cover, with extension, so far ZWAVE sensor Water Sensor 7 Pro - Water Sensor 7 Pro – Aeotec - works very well. In that shaft, I don’t get wifi nor LTE signal, so I was worried if anything would work, so tried with ZWAVE from Aeotec and seems to be good one :wink:

Great news, thanks Aeotec!


Version 3.10.1



  • add an option to switch between meter and consumer



- add an option to switch between meter and consumer



Would you mind to explain this functionality, meter vs consumer ?

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Would like to know also … what does it mean ?

Also whatever i do … my wattage reports are updaten once every couple of minutes for my smart switch 7’s ??

Normally my kitchen did every 60 seconds… and my multimedia every 5 seconds. Now somtimes the W is not updatet for dozens of mins despite i did bot adapt the settings ???