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Yes, that was the wrong order.
And although the banner appears “Will be saved at the next automatic WakeUp…” my experience is that this will not happen.

Thanks … see my edit above onbthe Aeotec support answer :grimacing: was just typing when you already replied

Changes of parameters on battery-powered Z-Wave devices must always be saved in this order:

  1. wake up device
  2. save changes

K thanks for the tip :+1:
Will keep in mind

Weird Aeotec does not know themselves :joy:


Since v3.8 I have 11 Aeotec multisensor 6 devices, all of which are reporting motion sensor alarms and not cancelling by themselves, despite various sensitivity settings.

The false alarm state survives a homey reboot

How can I help further diagnose a bug?

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V3.8.6 here, no problems.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to help diagnose this?

Yes, contact Aeotec:


Hi there

I am just testing some ddor sensors. Today I wanted to connect the Aeotec door/window sensor 7 Pro. App Version 3.8.6. After three or four tries at least sensor was found.Before installing I always test if sensor is working correctly…but nothing is happening. Seems that the contact function is not working. Battery status is shown. But no function on sensor open or closed. Attached a screen shot from Homey developer.

This is how it looks in the App

Node 3 (Fibaro door sensor) is working correctly…

Any idea anyone?


Okay…if you press the button five times magnet is activated!!