Anyone using the APC app successfully?

I have apcupsd set up on an rpi, as well as the web interface. Trying to create a device in Homey but I get “No new devices found”. Me doing something wrong or this app needs some love?

P.S Nothing to find in my firewall log


It looks like apcupsd listens to the local network interface by default, which means you can’t access from other machines.

In the configuration file (on my Ubuntu server that’s /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf), you should change this line:


to this:


After a restart of the daemon, try again from Homey.

Thanks, that was it!

Should have seen that myself, it’s actually in the the comments in apcupsd.conf. Didn’t read it.

Thanks again!


Edit: restarting the daemon was not enough, had to reboot the rpi.


For me it’s not working. I have done what have been said here. I changed to and rebooted & restarted the daemon.
My APC UPS is following model: APC Smart UPS 1500 LCD

Any other ideas perhaps?

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I was happy to see there was a APC UPC app for Homey, thanks @denniedegroot .
Just a question, I have my UPS 700VA connected on a Synology NAS (DS218+). I setup the “Network ups server” option in my NAS with the Homey IP adress and added the IP adress from my NAS in your Homey app.

Your app now sees the UPS. But it doesn’t notice a power failure, and can’t read the battery and power level (battery low alert). I totally understand you didn’t develop the app with a NAS in mind, but who knows you have a solution.

I do see there is data transmitted by the NAS on an other website to use the “NUT Sensor”. But I have no idea how this works…

@robertklep Hi, can u help me with some settings? I am trying to set this up on an Ubuntu machine but I can’t get it to work… Do you know where I can find a good guide? Or can you support me in finding the right settings?

I’d be happy to help, send me a DM :slight_smile:

I installed Network UPS Tools server to my and was able to read data from my apc back-ups in Home Assistant. But i can’t add device using APC UPS app in Homey, it’s always show me No new devices has been found. I tested it and connected to NUT server on port 3551 using terminal app on my Win10, so it’s available and giving me replies to my commands. Please help. Thank you!

Sorry, i did not notice i need to use apcupsd.
I installed apcupsd on my, connected UPS to usb and i was able to add APC UPS in this app.
Thank you.

Please use apcupsd, not NUT

How did you convert the NUT to APCUPSD? Using Home Assistant?

Is there a way to change the NUT output of the Synology to APCUPSD?

Yes, i’m using Home Assistant.
This is the only way worked for you. I spend few days on this.

Can you explain how you did this in Home Assistant?
I already have the data of the UPS in HA (NUT server)
How to set up a APCUPSD server?

I’m not using this app on Homey anymore. I just connected my UPS to HA and transfered all what i need to Homey using HA app.

Connected my Back-UPS XS 650CI by USB to RasspberyPi with HA
Installed Network UPS Tools in HA
My UPS automatically found by Network UPS Tools with 24 entities.
Added devices and sensors to Homey using HA app for Homey.


I have my APC UPS connected to my network through a network interface. Is this app able to get the information directly from the UPS as well, or does it always need a Pi+additional service running?

It always needs apcupcd … got the same issue. Unfortunate

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Anybody used this app when de ups is directly connected to netwerk? I have also a synology nas connected tot it true usb. I’m not an expert but would be great if I could use the ups data in Homey. Thx!

See message above

I have my ups connected to my synology nas end activated the ups server in synology would there be a way to directly connect the app app to homey in this way? Orde can I use this way to send the data to HA en then to homey?