UPS for homey and router

I currently have no UPS or similar things setup for my Homey and Wifi Router.
Since Homey is responsible for runing flows which helps in the case of emergency (Adjust lights, turn on siren etc.) it seems dumb to not implement redundancy incase of power outages.

What setups are common to use?
Are there any Gotchya’s I need to watch out for when considering buying a UPS?
Is there a different more prefered approach I should consider?

I assumed this to be a common use case but the “Your topic is similar to…” seemed to indicate otherwise.

Hello @Maz, welcome ! I fully agree with you :grinning: You could consult similar topic Homey powerbank. At my side I went through similar thinking and did some research about it; I am currently testing a UPS solution, it is promising, I will post next week my results to the referenced topic.

I am looking for an UPS too.

What I would like to power with an UPS:

  • Homey
  • Synology DS218+ 2-bay (both with HDD’s installed) NAS
  • Internet modem incl fiberbglass accesspoint (KPN Netherlands)
  • Linksys Velop mesh wifipoint

What else I would like:

  • power down my NAS safely when the end of the batterylife of the UPS comes in sight. Or better: let my NAS enter safe mode (letting the NAS disconnect the HDD’s and reconnect them when power is restored. My NAS is able to do that)
  • Silent (preferably without fan)
  • Management software/app.
  • Preferably a Homey app (would this be helpfull? Or does this add no extra value at all? Currently I can only find a APC app)

I do not need an UPS that can keep my devices powered very long. I find it more important that it poweres down the NAS safely when needed, have time to send security alarms to my mobile devices and that it keeps the devices running when I have to power down some current when I do some do-it-yourself around the house for a short time and forget to power down the devices myself.

Found some APC’s but they seem quite expensive.
Also found Energenies and PowerWalkers which seem a lot less pricier.
If a price range between 75 and 150 euro’s can be met, that would be nice.

Any recommendations? Other brands? Things I have to consider when choosing a UPS?
Any help is welcome! Thx… :slight_smile:

Yes; i know of the other topic about powerbanks and UPS’ here too, but that seems to evolve in a way that I am not heading, I think. I think a real standalone UPS would be better in my case(?).
@moderators I don’t know if this topic should be relocated to the “off-topic” part? Since I am not ghe topicstarter, I cannot do this myself.

Your best option is APC. Powerbanks are not designed for that purpose. Most powerbanks have a small gap in output when power fails. Some powerbanks don’t have this gap but wil fail in a few months.

Why APC and not other brands?

I definately don’t want a powerbank. I can’t connect my internet modem/accesspoint and wifipoint to a powerbank. That is why I posted in this topic and not in the other one.

Because there’s a Homey app for APC? (this is the Homey forum after all)

I’ve a powerbank that says it can be used like a UPS. The Zendure X6. I’ve never used this for this purpose, but am thinking about it (and by a new one).

But what are the advantages of having a Homey app?

Just having a Homey app doesn’t have to mean it is the right UPS for my situation.

Furthermore; is APC the one brand with a Homey app (but I didn’t find another)?

If your lights are not on an UPS as well, Homey powered or not won’t make much of a difference. Homey itself will probably go as long way on a powerbank, however the powerbank is not designed for the purpose of being charged and powered years on end.

But seen my other requirements/wishes too?
Would like to use if for my NAS (and mod3m/wifi access point) too.
Any recommendations there?

At least we’ll be ontopic discussing it.

Perhaps a more general hardware forum is a better place to ask.

That said, APC is a well-known brand that offers plenty of choices in your price range.

That is why i suggested to the mods to relocate this topic to the “off-topic” forum here.

APC is a well known brand but there are others like PowerWalker that are cheaper or offer more functions for the same price. Only no Homey app.

So, what would be the advantages of having a Homey app for my UPS then?

Still, you probably have more luck on a website like Tweakers if you’re looking for an in-depth comparison between brands. I have an APC UPS and I’m happy with it, but I don’t have any experience with the other brands so cannot compare. I doubt a lot of other users here can.

Some people run semi-critical systems with their Homey, like heating or irrigation systems. In case of a failure, you could implement a fallback for those systems. And of course send a notification to yourself that (part of) the power went out.

I know, and have posted it on other forums.
But the combination with Homey could be interesting for other users here. And I notice a lot of Symology users here too.

Notifications can be handled by my Synology NAS too.
I suppose the APC has to be connected by UTP or WiFi. A lot of cheaper ones are connected by USB to a NAS.

Is is possible to post a screenshot of the flow cards that can be used? Like IF, AND and THEN cards?
I can’t see them because I don’t have a APC yet that can be added to Homey.

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My APC is connected to my Synology NAS over USB. The NAS needs to run software (like apcupsd) that the Homey app can connect to (over WiFi).

I don’t use my Homey for that sort of thing so I can’t help out there.

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