Alert on power cut?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get Homey pro or Homey Bridge to send an alert if there is a power failure or a power cut? This would be particularly useful for a second home, for example, for for when power is essential for the maintenance of certain services offsite.

I have a homey pro in our main house, and a bridge in our vacation house. It would be great to know if there is a power cut in either house when in the other house! ( freezer contents, dehumidifier resets etc )

Would love to hear anyone’s comments or ideas as to how this were possible.


If you got a power failure(drop) how will Homey, router ect works?
At first you must have a good UPS in front off your stuff.
Then with the App from your UPS system (APC/Sneider, you can make a flow if power is dropt and you say “power drop” and send messge’s to the world (there four your homey, router, WiFi and switches or powerd over the UPS)

When Homey & wifi + router are on a (basic) UPS:
Have a relay plugged in somewhere. When the power cuts, the relay switches off. When you have the contact connected to an Aqara flood sensor for instance, this sends a signal to Homey (flood alert gets either active or inactive, doesn’t matter, it’s about it gives a signal to Homey)


You will have to make this setup for every earth leakage switch group
(Since these can switch off individually)
(Or is the house in an area that often suffers from complete outage…)

I was under the impression it’s about a power cut, where the whole house / neighborhood sits in the dark.
Otherwise you indeed have a good point about separate setups should be connected to every group / group(s) involved!

I have a similar situation but I take a slightly different approach which may suit your needs. I have a flow on each Homey set to make a webhook call to the other Homey every 5 minutes. And on each Homey I have a flow triggered by the webhook which restarts a countdown timer (I use the Chronograph app for this). The countdown timer is set to a little more than double the length of time between ‘pings’ of the webhook by the other Homey. In this way, if that countdown timer ever reaches 0 I know that 2 consecutive pings have been missed and I conclude the other Homey is offline and send a push notification to myself from the Homey that was meant to receive those pings.

Now of course that could be either due to the power out or the internet down but for all practical purposes both situations would need a similar response since if the Internet is down I’ve no way of knowing if the power is also down.

While you’re about it, you may also like to use the Network Check app to check if the internet connection is alive on each Homey. The way I use that is I have a flow triggered by the internet going down which periodically power cycles my internet router (which is plugged into a z wave relay) since I have found sometimes that’s what’s needed to get the internet back up.

I note that one of your Homeys is a bridge rather than a Pro. I’m afraid I’ve never used the Bridge device so perhaps some of my suggestions won’t be possible in one direction or the other but if so, perhaps something equivalent might be.

One thought, when the power’s down, Homey can’t send anything to a log or to you.
The topic was about power cuts. :wink:

@Peter_Kawa If you read my post again carefully, you will realise that the solution I describe (which has been working fine for me for some time now) doesn’t in fact rely on the remote homey doing anything after a power cut. Instead, it relies on the ‘local’ homey (where the power has hopefully not failed) realising it’s not received a ping recently and alerting the user.

The additional point I made about using the network check app was just a handy extra I have found useful for managing a homey in a remote house. Given the other homey is remote, for practical purposes you also have to care about internet connectivity since if you lose that it doesn’t matter how good your power monitoring is, the remote homey can’t tell you anything about it.