Router connection goes down

I would like to be advised (push or telegram notification) if my router connection goes down due to power cut in my home - which app/flows shall I use?

How would Homey be able to send a push of telegram notification if your internet connection and/or your power is down?


If the cloud is able to understand that homey is no more connected can send a telegram message


Nice idea, although the cloud would probably not be able to differentiate between different reasons why your Bridge isn’t responding anymore. You could ask Athom to look into adding such a feature:

That would be a nice feature.
Homey Pro at least can detect local or cloud access already, so there might be a possibility for an alert of some kind, if both local and cloud connection are unavailable.

An other (quite expensive) option is to use a UPS with gsm option, to send sms notifications / send mail using gsm data connection.
Rough idea:
If you connect the UPS to your Routers’ power group, it should send an alert if your router’s power goes down,
Example here.

If it is just this what you want to know,
Off Topic but No Homey and no budget necessary.

I have created an Account at UptimeRobot (

Create a Monitor and configure a Ping and/or http or other probe.

I created one on a High http forwarded port to a microserver at home Using an IP AND created one on the dynamicDNS (from my qNAP)
Set notifications to email, or one of the many other services.

Sorry, no need For Homey, but many options to connect I think.
I can see when Home is Offline (Both Down) or back but my dynamic IP changed. (fqdn OK, IP down)

Nice Graphs :wink:


Very cool and usable, Geurt!