How to monitor Homey availability?

I just discovered that my Homey was offline for almost a day. Hence no Insights for today… :cry:

How do you monitor the availability of your Homey?

Preferably I would like to get a push notification (via a router or Rasperry Pi) when the Homey is unreachable for more than a few minutes.


Got a Flow who sends a Morse-Code-Notification every Hour to my Phone (Android) when nobody is at Home.

So i know that Homey is Online and i don’t have to do anything more e.q. confirn or swipe away a notification-message.

You could use a service like - which notifies you if device is unreachable. It iwll let you know if Homey or your Net is down.

Starting at €11,87/month that’s a bit too pricy for me…

I “solved” my problem for now by letting my router ping my Homey once per hour and send a Pushover push notification if the Homey cannot be reached.