Device Offline Push Notification

I have a Netatmo Indoor Module. This Module is sometimes Offline. Now I would like to get a push notification, when this module is Offline in homey. Its an additional indoor module, this module has no IP address, so I‘m not able to ping the device.

There is no way to check if it is online,
Only option is to check values last update time.
If that’s unexpected long it’s just constant in the room or not updating anymore

Ok, thanks. And how does it work to check the last update time values?

You can use the flowcard from the Device Capabilities app. (Only in advanced flows tho).

Also, when the device is offline, does it show as Unavailable in the Homey App?

If so, you can use another flowcard from the Device Capabilities app: there is a special WHEN card that triggers when a device becomes unavailable.

Hi Arie

Yes, the device will show as Unavailable in the Homey app. And thats why I want to trigger it, to see when the device is offline. At the moment I have to look manually to see if the device is offline.

Can you send me a print-screen from device capabilities flow, how it should look like to get a message if the device is offline?


You can use this flowcard, it will trigger for all devices, filterable trough Branch and type.
One sec, something on my phone looks messy, getting on the laptop.

Edit, i am recieving some kind of error when trying to select a Branch.
Try it yourself to select Netatmo as Branch.
Then there should be just a few Types left, you then should select Weather Station.

But, selecting Netatmo as Branch should already be enough, the flow will than trigger and it has a few tags, like Device Name, Available (yes/No), Zone etc.

Please let me know if you also get an error when selecting branches, i have just migrated to the HP2023 and i think it has to do with that.

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Hi Arie

You mean like this?


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Yes, i think so. If it doesnt trigger, remove the type:weather station, and add one condition (name-tag equals…)

What do you mean with name tag? How does it work? It would be great to add a specific device in the netatmo group, if this is offline I will get a message.

Do you mean something like this?

Yes, just like that!

In case you have more netatmo devices, you can also set the Type to weather station.
That would possibly save a (very little) bit of resources, because the flow would only be triggered if it is the weather station that becomes (un)available.

Hi Arie, I tried with one device. It works :-).

Thank you very much for your help. That’s exactly what I need.

Great to have helped!

Please mark the right post as solution to help others aswell :wink:

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