Notification when a device does not respond

I noticed today that a Netatmo module hasn’t reported for several days. I would now like to create a notification in Homey if a device has not responded for 1 day and belongs to the Netatmo group.

Unfortunately there is no Netatmo group and I can’t select the device individually either.

Do you have an idea?

Something like (depending on the names you use and the devices you have)

Thank you for your answer. And the names Netatmo, wind and rain are the names of the devices? When I have a device bedroom I have to use the logic name bedroom (logic name contains bedroom)?

I have a zone for all netatmo modules called 0. Netatmo. Is that aldo possible, that homey have a look at the whole zone like that:

Yes, or they’re part of the (Netatmo related) device name.
F.i. “Rain Meter B” is valid with logics card “if name contains Rain”
Be careful though, “Rain shower” is also valid :grin:

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