Last update of device

Hi, is there any possibility to know when a device has been updated (timestamp)?
I would like to know this because i have 2 temperature devices in some rooms (1 zwave and 1 zigbee)
and i’m using them to control my heating in that room. So for example if 1 device is not updating for some reason longer than 15minutes, then i need to check the other device. So my heater is not heating a whole day for example.

In case both devices are not responding (are not updated in 15minutes) i receive a notification and stop my heater device.

Before when i was using domoticz, i wrote the timestamp when a device triggered.
So with this timestamp i could see how much time there was between the triggers.

Thank you.

There is a flow card under System - Devices - A device hasn’t reported. You specify the time and it supplies two tags, Name and Zone, that you can check in the And section to see if it one of your temperature devices or any sensor in a Zone. That might do what you need?


Thank you, but can you tell me how to check in the AND section?
With logic i need to check if name= ?

Correct. Select the System - Logic card. Choose the is exactly option. Tap on the top section and select the Name tag. Then enter the name of the device you want to check.
If there is a match the Then section is run.