Notification when device becomes offline


is possible to Homey send notification when my device (esp8266) running via Homeyduino becomes offline?

One option is to check time of last received data (esp send data every 15 minutes) but is here option to check routers devices? Thanks.

You could use the Netscan app if your Esp has a fixed IP and an opened port responding on requests.

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May-be the “check data timestamp” is the best method. This makes sure, that all system is working well (as this smells like some DIY project, then what’s the possibility, that IP-stack working, but actual “upper functionality” is stoned?)

About “becomes offline” - to many possibilities. If the device is able to send “i’m leaving” messages, then may-be use them? But if You want to know for example, when The Cat drags out the power cord… and You want to know it on the same second - then yes, ping/net-scan every second (NB! think about traffic to, before using).