Monitor that homey is online

Is there a means to monitor if Homey is online, e.g. from the Homey servers, and configure a message to be sent if it is offline? It would be very helpful in order to detect power or internet outages. Thanks.

I guess you are talking about a Homey Pro (because the Bridge is a cloud service and has it), then the answear is No.

If your internet is down, the Homey Pro can not send a message over internet. If the power is down, it can not send a message.

You can get a message when the Homey has startet, and you can get a message if the internet is up and running again (using a app called “Network check”)

You could let the Homey periodically ping a server and let that server/service notify you if there’s no ping, for example with this:

How? If there is no ping, there is no internet.

The server (which can be on the internet, outside of your house) can send a push notification to your mobile phone (over cellular, if needed).

Works great for me!

(I have used both the default service and a self-hosted instance on a VPS)

Yeah, a service outside of Homey can notify if the Internet is down. Then you got a ton of solutions.

Thanks for this!
I have set a http post to, with email notification if it fails.

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I use an APC UPS. Homey Pro, NAS and internet continue to work for 30-60 minutes in the event of a power outage. Push messages set up via Network UPS Tool.