Monitor homey connectivity


I´m struggling with homey losing connectivity, is there a way to monitor this in the app?
Some sort of message that homey is offline would be great.


Don’t you get a message that Homey is offline when you try to access it from the app?

You can install the Healthchecks app on your Homey and let (or a self-hosted instance, if you prefer that) notify you when your Homey is down.

That’s not in the Homey App itself though…

Yes, but i don’t want to open the app 4 (or more) times a day to see if Homey is working.

Thanks, looks like it can solve my problem.
I find it a little strange that it’s not possible without installing third-party apps, should be available natively in the system.

You asked for a way to monitor this in the app, though :man_shrugging:t3:

Correct, without me being the engine :slightly_smiling_face:
Preferably I would like it as a native feature in the app.

If there is an app that works on Homey itself who monitors if Homey is offline, how should that app on Homey send a message when Homey is offline?

If I understood it correctly it sends a signal, like a “ping” to the cloud service. If the ping is not received at a given interval it knows Homey is not online.

I’m using the app Network Check for that, and in case of an event it will be logged in the timeline.

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