Homey internet analytics

Is is possible to use the homey for doing analysis of my internet connection.
And activate a flow when internet is down. But general get some insight on stability.

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Helo Claus1, welkom on the forum off Homey.
You could try the App “Netwerk Controle” this app will check every x time off the Internet is available. I a flow you have the option “Internet Broken and Internet recovered” then you could send a mail , message, voice or make the ledring red
And Yes it is not a realy “analytics” solution only a check on your WAN/ISP/Internet access.
Maybe you can made some loging with flows but i don’t use that.
But for sending mails or SMS you need a local server/service because your internet is down :slight_smile:

I sounds as The right solution for me.
But I can’t find the app I neither normal store or the community store

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Hoe is deze app met false negatives?
Ik gebruik de Orbi app met Flows. Maar krijg soms signalen dat het internet er uit ligt terwijl dat niet zo is. Het is een beetje irritant om een Flow set te bouwen waarmee hij dan 2 seconden later nog eens checkt en als hij dan nog offline is, dan pas een waarschuwing geeft.
@fantross k zag de Nederlandse app beschrijving en ging in het Nederlands door…

How is this app with false negatives?
I use the Orbi app with some Flows. But sometimes I get a sign that the internet is down but isn’t. It’s annoying to program Flows to check 2 seconds later when the first offline notification is there to double check it. And then sent a notification.

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OMG soo much work to make 1 whole new flow starting after a delay? Maybe better waiting till crismas when you have some days off?
Btw, I’ m not using this app.

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Well maybe not hard, but annoying. Just like that tone :wink: