Homeyduino - notify on lost connection

I have an esp8266 that drops out now and then. Is it possible to get a notification from Homey when this happens?

Followup question: Does Homey track active device connections, or just operate on sensor readings? I’m asking cause I wonder what the condition is for the red triangle to show up for a given device. Is it after a given time since the device was connected? Or a given time after e.g. last sensor update via setCapabilityValue?

when you send a command to your device, then in advanced flows, you can check if the device is responding by viewing the response on the lower nipple of the action card.

Interesting, I’ll try. My device has no inputs/actions at the moment, but I can change that.

This can come in handy as well

As the Homeyduino relies on WiFi you may use the Smart Presence app for its IP address (must be static in router or locked to the MAC address).

These are all good options, thanks guys!

I did a round of debugging and found that the problem is not just the homeyduino device. It is on the edge of my router range, and drops out occasionally, sure. I never see the red triangle though. The main problem is that the ESP-now mesh it’s connected to is also flaky. The sensor is 3 stories below me, and there are 2 mesh nodes that relay sensor values. When the mesh disconnects, the homeyduino device may be online, but no new sensor readings are reported.

In addition to the update timer, I think I have to add some logic that compares previous value(s) to current, and notifies me if say temperature is static at 18.1C.

Edit: strike that last bit. The update timer should take care of this if I understand this flow correctly.