How to Track disconnections/refresh issues


I searched the forum, and i’m sure its out there but i could not find it, sorry :sob:

How to get systematic notifications when Z-wave/433/zigbee devices don’t connect/refresh anymore?
without creating a flow for each of my 30 single devices?

This feature is inbuilt in other domestic boxes but with Homey i can have important informations like temperature or door status which are already 3 days old without any notification telling me the dat is outdated and no more refreshing

There is a flow (trigger) card for that:

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Looks great!
Still looking on how to exclude a single device from this monitoring

I have the homey since a ferw months now, and i seems i’m just not aware of some basics, is there a “homey for idiots” repository?

Just add an AND logic card with “contains” and then click the invert switch so it changes to a doesn’t contain, and write the name of the sensor you want to exclude.

There are indefinite options in Homey, there is no way to create a “how to for dummies” section, just search the forum first, and if you can’t find it ask.