Notification when a device is OFFLINE?

Is there a way to get notification if a device is offline ?

Depends on what you define by “offline”. There is a generic card “Device hasn’t reported” (not sure if that’s the correct translation, I only get to see the Dutch version of it) that might be of use.

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ok thx will look into that :slight_smile:

where can i read more on this feature ? I see that there is a tag 2 on it.

There’s not real documentation, but if you create a flow with it you’ll get to see the tags:

The adjustable “5 minuten” means that the flow will trigger when any device hasn’t reported for 5 minutes.

Someone made a nice topic about “ How to use tags in a flow”

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To help you out a little more here is the thread referred to above:

Sorry for bumping an old thread. I’m trying to write a flow that triggers when certain devices are offline, the reason is that there is a certain app (Harmony Hub) which frequently loses connectivity to one or more of the devices, which then show as offline. I want to automatically restart the app when this happens.

I have tried using the “A device hasn’t reported” flow trigger, and tested this fairly extensively with different conditions, but it appears that it is not the same as a device being offline. As far as I can tell, it means that the device has not reported a change of status, irrespective of whether the device is shown as offline.

When I created a flow for this, it starts triggering very frequently, including for devices that are still showing online. Although I can filter these out using a Logic card to apply a condition to the Name tag output from the trigger in order to prevent the action from firing, it still triggers the flow too frequently (even with the duration set anywhere from 5 mins to 1 hour), causing Homey to automatically disable the flow.

So I conclude that this isn’t the right trigger for my needs. Is this the expected behaviour? Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?


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this not reported option did crash my homey and Homey itself disabled that flow.
is this option working for everyone ?

for devices offline in another sense there is the app smart presence which is nice to monitor IP related devices.

Hi, I’m new with Homey, coming from Tuya Smart. I am quite surprised that Homey doesn’t recognise when any (zigbee) device comes offline (compare to Tuya). Even more, Homey shows devices which are offline like normal working, e.g. I can switch on/off breakers, no error message that the device is not available. Also temperature and humidity sensors show the last value, no matter if 1 hour or 1 week old, since the connection has been lost. Both online and offline devices appears the same in Homey’s app and web app and can be controlled with no notificaiton that something is wrong.

I tried a flow: when A device hasn’t reported in x minutes then push notificaion and create notification in timeline, but:

  • I receive the notification about offline sensor/device every x minutes (wanted to receive only once),
  • This flow ignore zigbee breakers and smart bulbs which came offline (based on my testing).
  • This flow report not only (some) offline devices but also those online but which were controlled x minutes ago. E.g. I had turned on a smart bulb and after x minutes I received push notification that the bulb hasn’ t reported for x minutes.

How to use Homey to report (be aware of) any device comes offline and is not available for controll or flow? Tuya automaticaly inform about any device comes offline (only at the moment it comes offline) and again when is is back (online). Such a device is not available to control from the Tuya app.

Thanks for any advices from the Homey’s geeks! :wink:

For zigbee, here’s a script for that from Geurt

A device having illogical routing info in developer overview isn’t direct te same as offline… both false positives and negatives will occure.

On Home Pro there is a build in trigger that probably is more correct.

Also depends on the type of device, it probably wil never trigger for a KAKU device.

Thanks, this app seems to be a solution. I’ll test it.

To me, it looks like this feature isn’t available anymore in Homey Pro 2023?

The Device Capabilities app does have a unavailable flow card, though.

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It has been removed, based on Athom statement, it was too resource hungry…

I’m using as workaround this script I have tuned little bit from original author…

Not sure I understand, you mean this ?

Yepp, that one.

Sorry, I read “doesn’t have”, you wrote does have :man_facepalming:

But it’s not accepting empty optional fieds. :thinking:

Then it’s not really an alternative.