[Community Survey] Homey v5 ZigBee Health check and statistics collection (HomeyScript)

it is just this in HomeyScript:

let SysInfo = await Homey.system.getInfo();
log('Memory       Total    : ' + Math.round(SysInfo.totalmem / 1024 / 1024), 'MB  - Free : ', SysInfo.freememMachine / 1024, 'KB - (' + SysInfo.freememHuman + ')',);

Yes probably it’s alright, matches the developer page. Apparently my Homey uses a lot more memory than I thought, based on the graph and memory consumption app list at homey app settings.

The graph is showing your Homey is using about 50% of its memory. That’s acceptable, isn’t it?

Yes that’s acceptable, but the developer page and homeyscript says 180/190MB is free (available?) out of 1GB. Based on that Homey is using 82% of its memory? Or am I missing something again.

I’ll quote myself: “What I mean is that for “free memory” Athom uses the wrong metric internally.”

To be more clear: Don’t Trust The Free Memory Values That Homey Is Providing.


After fixing some of the devices with a Bad Route info I first made a script to check only that and report on the Timeline. After that I fixed them and monitor the current Zigbee Health by running that script scheduled.

The notification script is published here:

I Scheduled it simple from a Flow:



reporting : 7,"00124b001b446e33",2,false,"Homey Pro (Early 2019)","5.0.1",0,11,0,2,"2.6.3",35,15,20,4,15,14,"#",1,4,19,8,2,0,1 , $

The one ‘bad route’ is no problem; it’s a dimmable buld that is behind a (non smart) switch :wink:

 # Bad Routes    : 1
 # Routes 0 hops : 4
 # Routes 1 hops : 19
 # Routes 2 hops : 8
 # Routes 3 hops : 2
 # Routes 4 hops : 0
 # Routes 5 hops : 1

What I don’t understand is the routes with 2, 3 and even 5 hops while there is a zigbee router only a few meters from the end device :astonished:

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That’s the nice thing of the Mesh, it works out itself and only reports the route for what I know. ’
It could be different the next time.
I would advise to remove (or Fix) the non-smart switch as this could lead to multiple devices losing a previous working route, needing to re-discover a working route.

Tjanks for the tip.

reporting : 8,“00124b001eeb2b22”,2,true,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.1”,0,18,0,2,“2.6.3”,36,4,32,1,3,4,"#",0,3,22,8 , $

Hi Geurt,
How many routers are advised? I have 4 routers for 32 end devices.
But the output is telling me to add more routers…



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I just Follow Athoms recommendations,

3. Add a number of routers for a stable network
Zigbee routers can repeat/relay messages and improve the overall stability of your Zigbee network. That is why we recommend to place at least one router for every five end-devices in your Zigbee network.

Rating it with an 8 I think you have no real issues, if you have, look fe for some IKEA repeaters.

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After 30 reponses in ~7 days a nice feedback for userHappiness:

An average of 7.6 at this moment.

reporting : 5,“00124b001f1f9db1”,2,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.0”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,15,1,14,2,3,0,"#",0,0,0 , $

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reporting : 2,“00124b0020b97d6d”,2,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.2-rc.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,49,42,7,2,7,16,"#",8,14,26,6 , $

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Just to be clear; I take it the x axle would be happiness (scale of 1-10) and the y axle is amount of responses?

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reporting : 9,“00124b001b4445ac”,2,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,24,17,7,3,10,7,"#",0,4,13,7 , $

Correct, I updated it in the sheet.

With a pretty good nr of 42 routers, and only 7 end devices you experience a high number of 8 bad routes. Have you already tried repairing them fe using Fixing disconnected Zigbee devices (without having to modify all flows)

Or have you contacted Athom already?

That is a very neat script, @Dijker! Came in very handy!
Now I saw one of my windowsensors wasn’t reporting. Thx!

Perhaps off-topic, but:
Do you have such a script for Z-Wave as well?

The offline devices aren’t actually a problem and not my source of unhappiness, hehe. They’re offline because they’re all battery operated switches around the house, but the network is so unstable that we don’t actually use the zigbee system at all right now - just use the hardwired switches to turn things on and off.

It’s utterly random how it works here, I was in contact with Athom during the 5.0 betas and some of the builds worked brilliantly, quick and stable, and suddenly the next build broke it all.

So I’m a bit exhausted to be honest. From one day to the next it would stop responding.

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