Need flow for Power Outage at Home

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Hello All,

I need some help creating a flow for an power outage at home, i have an APC UPS (there is an app for this, but needs connection to an PC with is not always on), which keeps my homey and internet connection on for 2 hours or so, therefore i want to be notified is there is an outage by push notification towards my mobile, i was thinking about creating this flow by devices which are continuously power on and will go down.

I have a couple off Fibaro double switches which will lose connection towards homey, can somebody shows me how to do this on a flow, since the new layout and web based stuff i am just struggling every time…

Any help is much appreciated.

Unfortunately homey doesn’t have a trigger when a device or flow fails (generic). It can however trigger when a device doesn’t report in. So you could use that.

When: Apparaten - ‘een apparaat heeft niet gerapporteerd’ - ‘5 minuten’
Then: Mobiel - ‘stuur een pushbericht’

Be sure to configure your switches to report in frequently (every 120 seconds or so) through the ‘Geavanceerde Instellingen’.

Personally I would look for a solution with a raspberry pi connected to the ups app it can alert through that though, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Thanks Lennard,

yes i have it now like that:
When: Apparaten - ‘een apparaat heeft niet gerapporteerd’ - ‘5 minuten

But i would like to specify an Device, which i can’t…, i have also windsensor outside, which sometimes does not report well. meaning i will get wrong notifications…
is there a way to specify devices?

otherwise Raspberry is an solution, i have actually an old one laying around here…


use the logic card in the and colum

In the ‘and’ use a ‘logica’
‘is precies’
Type the name of your device

It feels a bit redundant, but that’s the way to go :slight_smile:

well it’s not what i am looking for…

with logic i can select for instance double switch from fibaro, then i can choose energie or energie meter,

this not what i want, it’s so stupit, because when i disconnect it from power, i see on devices within homey a red remark that it has lost connection! great but why can’t i create a flow out of it then!

Wel its the way to go.

Use the local tag (first on the screen) then type the exact name of the device.

Argghh right!

thats the way, i have got it now and working!


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The @Handyman isnt that handy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Your welcome.