Restart router when Homey looses internet connection

Hi, after work by the internet provider on the network or other internet outage (we have Ziggo, it happens a lot), usually my router needs to be restarted to make it work again. Now I do that by turning it off for a minute or so and switching it back on. But that doesnt work when we are not home.

I want to build a flow that triggers when Homey looses internet connect, it would then turn off the smartplug that I installed between the power outlet and the router, and turn it on again after say 2 minutes - which will reboot my router. Is there a way to make a flow with the trigger that Homey looses internet connection?

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Arie

it’s possible with Network Check App for Homey | Homey.

Just make sure the power plug is zigbee so it won’t be affected by the lack of internet connection.

Thanks so much!

Also make sure the power plug is ON after power is restored, or remembers previous state.
Otherwise power does not come on after power been cut.