Is there any suggestion for a flow that restarts homey, if you lose contact with the network?

It sometimes happens that homey loses contact with the network. I would like to have a function. Where I can keep an eye on if Homey loses network connection. And then restarts.

Not really. There is no IF statement for losing network, so you need to do it from the router (app). But I wouldn’t do it. Why would you restart Homey if it lost it’s connection? Just wait for it to regain connection.

I don’t know if Homey itself can register when Homey loses the connection, but you may test it with this app:


Yes, NetScan works perfect.
@Jan_Godeau Keep in mind there’s a big difference in “No network connection” (Homey doesn’t respond to ping), and the app saying “Homey is offline”. The latter is a longtime bug, and most of the time it means only the (web)app can’t connect with Homey

With NetScan you can monitor the connection with the router, and start flows by connected / disconnected events.

I use it this way, but start a 15minute timer when the connection is down, to prevent Homey from rebooting by hickups and short outages;
When the connection is up again within 15m, the timer gets paused;
Only when the timer finishes, Homey gets rebooted.
The timer did never finish here in several years :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, thanks, my question is not related to “homey is offline” messages, I actually never incurred that, or restarting Homey, it is really about the router not working and needing a restart of the router so that my internet works again (not only relevant for Homey but also for the other devices at home that use internet).

I will try to get netscan to work, thanks for the suggestion

ok, this is the flow I now created (sorry in Dutch)

both devices are in my wifi network and I gave them a static ip address

now when they go offline, this should trigger the flow with a check after 10 minutes that both are really offline

should work right?
any suggestions?