Anyone using the APC app successfully?

Have you tried?

Connecting to ha is easy by using the snmp sensors.

No, I’m no expert. Hoping to find guide lines this way. :slight_smile:

I did some research en would be a great option. But this would work whiteout homey. End directly from synology? Use a program that gets the info from the ups an triggers a script to deactivate devices when power switch to battery ore is low.

Thx wil do some research. Would be great if the info gos to home to see the state of the ups. Strange that there is no app for it. Would be great.

It seems really easy to try and see if it works: install the app and enter the correct details for your Synology (make sure to turn on “Enable network UPS server” in the Synology UPS settings, and add Homey’s IP address in the whitelist).

That is wat I did en the dos not find de ups. Maybe I need tot setup some firewall setting…. Would be great if somewone knows wat I schould do more?
Using the homey app would be the best way to get the info. En make flows in this way.

Tested this, no luck there. The app doesn’t recognize my Synology as a viable source of info, I guess.

Yes and that makes sense, but now you have validated it by yourself. Your syno is no apc ups. The network ups is to connect to a management card inside of the ups. So as mentioned before, you need to run apcupsd somewhere.