Any workaround for Static IP address config for Homey WiFi?


I need a workaround for Static IP config at my Homey is this possible?


You can make a DHCP Reservation for the MAC adress of Homey with you DHCP Server (mostly Router). Depends on your model and Firmware how it is functioning.

With each reboot the Devices is asking the DHCP Server for a MAC, if the device is known, he will end with the same IP, that can be manipulated by Hand in most DHCP Servers to fixed entrys.

Thanks but this is not an option for me now, since my router doesn’t have a static DHCP config option, so for that reason I need a static IP config for my homey.


Router with Dhcp without possibility of reservation? Never seen this kind of device. I think your problem is router rather then homey. I don’t think homey has option for static ip.

Homey does not have the option of a static IP Address and needs to get an IP configuration from DHCP.

If you need that you could create a request in the following form: Feature request for Homey.

But I am pretty sure the don’t want to implement it.

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What model did you use?
Never heard of one that doesn’t support it when DHCP is avail.
Homey didn’t have that feature, as far as i know.

If you adjust the lease period to 2 days, then ip is almost the same as static, unless the device is off for more than 48 hours.

This is Cisco Firepower device with all security functions enabled, very expensive piece of equipment so no there is no Static DHCP function on this kind of corporate devices!


Static IP is a function of the open source OS that Homey uses under the hood, so even the 5.$ Tuya or Sonoff device has a static IP function, this is not a future request! it’s a must option in technology these days.


Static IP is not a future is a mandatory option in home technology.


Ok, thank you for that information. But here you are right, you are not able to make this with this hardware. This is for sure Ciscos fault. As they seem not willed to make this “common feature” available with their hardware.

Only solution i can now think of is make use of an dhcp server beside and route the signal via nat from your network (fixed endpoint) to the new created DHCP reservation server / network

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Professional corporate equipments are all same they don’t have all futures in 1 single box because of the single point failure :slight_smile: so its not Cisco’s or any other vendors fault!

But for a device like Homey which is a home bridge where you expect to connect all of your devices and all different networking scenarios, the static IP is a must option that they need to enable.


Nothing they must do,
they (Athom) create a device also for ppl that don’t know what linux or cisco is.
It must work flawless for them, so they striped that base part to just what they needed and in a way they can support.
I have plenty other consumer products including hubs that don’t come with the option to configure static ip settings, would for me be a waste of time to try to convince the manufacturers that I would need that.

I guess you have a couple of options:

  • Disable one of the security features of your fw to enable dhcp and make a lease for one ip with a reservation. Guess that doesn’t really lower security.
  • deploy a dhcp server on your network, guess you have enough experience and some device that can do it.
  • choose another open platform like Linux and builds your own home automation.

The future is imho automatic configuration as I see how it is handled in IPv6, until then we need something like dhcp for automatic configuration.

And nothing they must or is mandatory imho as it is Athom’s device, they produce and support this. You can still ask Athom polite using the feature request form.

Guess we provided enough workarounds for static IP address configuration as you asked and that you have enough experience to work around.

Regardless of what of the provide workarounds you choose or even switch to another system you are very welcome to this community.

I brought a device that doesn’t have the most fundamental function for static IP address, and you are telling me to ask politely for something which is fundamental?

What you mean to switch to another system and to be welcomed here in this community, I am a customer who brought and PAID money fro this device and you cant tell me what to do and to switch to another technology! they need to give support for what they sell, that’s the 1st thing in vendor/customer relationship.

This is like we don’t have that function and we think that you don’t need it, so you can use the device like this or you can just trash and switch to another system! are you kidding me?


Yeah @Dijker, what was u thinking??

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you will get support, when asked at the official support address. stated a few times now!

This forum is a community place and officials from athom most likley are not here and reading / answering the topics. That is all what people here tell you.

Complaints can also be sent to Athom,
As you have read in the welcome Message this is a community forum.
It is not said that they (Athom) read every thing here.

Imho you can see the community is very responsive and mostly helpfull in answering your questions.

I did not suggest to trash Homey, you can use it the way it is designed and specified.

Imho all what is done by the community is explain and provide workarounds.
Please keep it constructive here…

Ok, but the responses like “choose another open platform like Linux and builds your own home automation” and “Regardless of what of the provide workarounds you choose or even switch to another system you are very welcome to this community” from @Dijker is against the community spirit! he was acting like a share-holder at Athom B.V trying to protect them :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community where everyone here tries to be as helpful as they can especially because the official support never really comes…

@Dijker was simply making it clear what the options are… as in… if you cant work with it, the only option is to switch because our long term experience with athom is they dont give a rat’s ass… sad to tell you that and sad you will see that…

despite that… we all just try to help with workarounds

Setting up a dhcp server in your environment seems the best option… but the guys above have said that

By the sound of it you should go look for a business automation hub, instead of a home(y) version. :grin:

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