Off line

hi i have a homey pro and a big problem. every now and then randomly homey is off line. I thought it was a problem with the network, so I put a new one on a different router, I have a 600mega bit internet connection. what can i do to check?

disconnecting the device for a few seconds helps most of the time

Reserve an IP address for Homey.
When using Access Points, make sure it sticks to one. (Mac address filtering, transmit power, band steering).
Don’t put Homey near a router or AP. Keep it a few meters away.
Maybe setting the wifi channels to fixed also helps

The speed of your internet connection is irrelevant by the way.

I ran into connection issues as well, what solved these problems for me was switching to a different usb-c powersupply. I have not had any connection issues since.
It coukd be that i just got a wonky powersupply with my new homey pro, but it might be worth a try.

alw in the homey settings I see the IP address, but I don’t think I can set a permanent address

IP address reservation should be done on your DHCP server, mostly part of your wifi router. This way you lock Homey’s MAC address to it’s current IP, and after that it’s IP never changes again.