An advanced flow for simulation away lights

This is my advanced flow when away. Random chance for lights are set and for some lights the chance increases if it has not happened. Maybe it can give somebody inspiration :smiley:

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What I’m missing in the first flow with the time between 09:00 - 23:59, is a logic card with the outdoor brightness in lux. Because I wouldn’t want the light to be on during the day as well, even though it’s not necessary. In terms of energy saving it’s also still a financial aspect

Yes, totally agree. That’s a reason to get me a new outdoor sensor :smiley:

In the meantime you could use the condition card „It’s after sunset“. Just a suggestion.


Could you share your TEF (here or on the The Flow Exchange(r)? (I don’t want to rebuild it, just import it to my devices)
To generate a TEF, all you have to do is:

  • Install Device Capabilities App
  • Goto App Settings
  • Select the flow(s) and press Create TEF.
  • Done: TEF is in your clipboard ready to paste into a message.