Advanced Flow after free period in the weekend

Thank you Homey that we could test a weekend long the Advanced flows, it was really nice to play with this and test the functionality.

One question though as I made an advanced flow and did not delete this in the weekend however did delete after the weekend of free use, now the flow seem to be still working even I deleted it?

I checked the lamp that is turning of in the evening at 20.45 hr and no flow is attached/connected that is switching it off, the light do go out though?

Any suggestions how this can happen, any help or insights on this?

Hey your best to contact support about this directly, there is no guarantee that they will read this forum/thread.

Thanks, will get in contact with them

Sometimes the flow name gets mentioned when a light is turned on/off.

Correct, it is mentioned there which app has turned the light off, there is reference elsewhere that you can turn it off or flow that you can adjust