Random timer for flow execution

hi guys,

I’m looking for a way to get random timers working in my flows. I would like to close my blinds and turn my lights on at random times between a given value (like between 5 minutes and 75 minutes completely random)

eg: if I use the ‘time’ card and set it to 23:30, can I use a random time range in the ‘lights on’ card in Hue by clicking the stopwatch symbol and typing in a range in minutes like 5-75?

I tried the countdown app but not sure how to use it…


searching this forum for “random” gives the next result:

Yes i found that already but that is not an easy way to do it / not noob friendly? is there an easier way to do this / some more in depth tutorial with flow examples? Thanks

for closing blinds and lights, I’m using the Lux value of a multisensor.
also the Time card “Sundown” changes per day.




That’s awesome :slight_smile: Thanks Roco! Quick follow-up question: If I have 2 lights underneath eachother in the “then” column and give them the same range (eg 5-75), do they use the same random number of minutes or can they switch on at different times?


Both at different random times

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