All my Zigbee devices do not work HP23

Anyone now what to do ?

Email athom this ain’t support !

What did you do 10 hours ago?

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Can you translate the RED Error message ?

and, [Tip] Problems with Homey?
fe What FW version are you running and what have you done already?

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This HP early 2023 version 11.0.0
The red text sats Zigbee is occupied, try later

I have restarted Homey and now I don’t see the red message anymore but there is only one unit working, no 3 in the list above.

Firmware v11.0.0 still has a note about issue’s

Note: there is an issue related to Zigbee that is present since v10.3.0. Some Zigbee end-devices may experience difficulties reconnecting to Homey Pro after a reboot or firmware update. Also, in some cases Zigbee might become unavailable due to this issue. We are working together with Silicon Labs to resolve this issue as soon as possible. A fix is currently being tested internally and will be released in a future firmware update. We understand the frustration this may cause and apologize for any inconvenience it may bring to your smart home experience.

but there is a couple of Fixes in the Experimental update.

2nd, it should be possible to interview all routers but if that doesn’t work it also could be they are to far away from Homey or have interference (search for WiFi and Zigbee channels)

Thank you for the info, it explains my problem

Besides reporting to Athom Support | Homey, you can consider the following

  1. When Homey’s firmware was updated just before zigbee broke down, ánd you have a USB backup with the previous firmware, restore that backup.
    If that doesn’t help:
  2. Performing a full firmware download, connect Homey with USB cable to a pc/laptop for that.
    If that doesn’t help:
  3. Performing a zigbee reset.
    First fix your 2.4GHz wifi channel to preferably 1, 6 or 11.
    Wifi & zigbee can interfere!
    The reset procedure tries to set the zigbee channel to a quiet channel → this is futile when the 2.4GHz wifi channel is on ‘auto’.
    Note: This will break the flows involved, while you need to start from scratch pairing your zigbee devices.

There’s a cool script to repair your flows, but you’ll need to copy the exact zigbee device names on beforehand, and name the ‘new’ paired devices slightly different, in case you want to use the script based on device name.
Otherwise you’ll need to lookup the device ID’s on beforehand.


@Per-Ove_Ilar , I mean it, do you recall anything specific you performed May 4, 10:50 AM minus 10 hours, so seems around midnight (could you check if backup hasn’t been taken that time) ? (assuming you took the screenshot while creating thread)

If it was backup (you can check in the app, in case you have Cloud backups), I would share the screens and logs with Athom first + system diag and then follow steps Peter shared… maybe the info will be gone, maybe Athom will see and potentially address issue in future fw releases.

Also the other sensors did work for you ? The zigbee mesh “saw” them 3-2 months ago…

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