Advanced Flow Working in Test State But Failing Once Saved

This unfortunately does not work. Every time I turn it on it turns on to 25%, instead of 100% that is expected outside of the 21:30-6:00 time frame.


What if you change the ‘time is between 21:30 and 6:00’ to ‘time is between 6:00 and 21:30’ and switch the 2 ‘dim to …’ cards?

Question: if the lamp is dimmed to 100% and you dimm it to 25% before switching it off (all on the switch itself) is it still dimmed to 25% when you turn it on?

Yes. The switch default behavior is to turn on to it’s last state before it was turned off. However it does look like you can set parameter 25 of the switch to behave differently. I do not know how to do this though on Homey.

I tried this test as well.

In this post you already have a flow that works as expected, I think (??) or at least it does what it needs to do when you turn it on.

So why use the flow in Advanced Flow Working in Test State But Failing Once Saved - #21 by Ruckus

I think the ‘problem’ was that you do not want the dim-starting with 100% and then dim to 25%?

I do not know how fast the dimmer works on your light: what if you do a flow like (to test)
When turned on → dim 1% → maybe wait 1 sec → 25%

I finally figured it out. All of the input from everyone helped me along the way and finally troubleshoot a working flow. Thank you everyone. Hopefully more advanced settings become available from ZooZ so it doesn’t have to be so hacky.

  • Wall dimmer switch, ZooZ ZEN72, directly controls two recessed lights in ceiling. These lights are not smart, just normal bulbs.
  • I wanted to achieve a specific dim percentage during specific times during the day when the switch was manual flipped.
  • The default functionality of most all ZooZ dimmer switches is on single tap, turn on to it’s last dimmed percentage.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it I am all ears, but it works :slight_smile:

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Is it not enough to only use the 2 top flows (light reset). But instaed of setting them both to 1%, set them in order to 25% and 100%?

No because I don’t want them to turn on at those times. The reset brings the last dim % to 1% so the lights don’t turn on to 100% then ramp down. Just how the Zooz dimmers work on single tap without being able to mess with parameters. I suppose the second reset isn’t necessary now because the light will ramp up instead of down.

I’m not trying to automate the lights to come on by themselves, I am trying to control the default dim % when triggered by someone flipping the switch manually when entering the walk-in closet.

Nighttime, dim to 25%. All other times, dim to 100%.