Advanced flow philips hue issue

i have this piece of flow:

but when i test this part, then the light turns on to 50%, then it change to orange and then to 100% and after 1 sec it turns off.
and it gives an error when setting dim to 0% while it is already 0%. this does not happen in a standard flow.

how come this so different?

I think errors are ignored (or just not visible) in standard flows.
You can draw an additional line from the error output to the next card to go on even if the first one gives an error

Well. The error is not the problem. It just says that the parameter not correct is. This I probably because 0% dim allready was set. But the rest of the flow is more weird… why it doesnt just turn on, set to orange and slowly go to 100% brightness in 10min of time. This do work as a standard flow

Because of the error, the first card stops the flow. The "activity " goes to the bubble at the bottom of first card. There you must connect a line to contiune even there is an error.
That error handling ist the difference to standard flows. There errors are ignored and all then elements are processed parallel.

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Oke. I am sorry for mention the error. The error is not the issue. As is said, sometimes it gives an error and that is when dim level is allready 0.

The problem is the rest I described.

Philips hue bulbs can’t change color when they are off (dimmed to 0%) (pretty much all ZigBee and Z-wave lights have this behaviour), in the regular flow the 0% probably was send later or down right ignored because of the other dim command in your flow.

oke… fair enough. but nothing change when I set it to 1%. still fine by me. still then it wont go to 100% in 1minutes. instead, it goes directly tot 100% and switch off. this is a totally opposite behavior for the card. i still think that is weird, coz it does work in a standard flow.

to be clear, i wanneer recreate the wake-up light. it does work in standard, but not in a advanced flow.

Yes that shouldn’t happen, especially if you use 10 minutes instead of 1 minute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I guess that is a bug, and you’ll have to let Athom know.

EDIT: Just tested this myself on a lamp on the “hue without the bridge” app, and there it works just fine, you sure a different flow isn’t causing havock? like the old flow, or in the same advanced flow also addressing the lamp (by accident perhaps not changed 1 of the lamps in the flow)

no… used: test from here…
but i use the other hue app, with the bridge.

ps, sorry for typo but u saw it :slight_smile: 1 min should be 10 min… it is in the flow tho :slight_smile:

oh dear… this topic can be closed :slight_smile: lol… it does work. but i was sitting in the garden and checked the hue app on the phone to see if it works… now testing on location and now i see it does work…

sorry! and thanks for replying guys!