"Dim to" flow card on Matter bulbs

Hi there,

New user so first post on here, loving Homey so far!

Quick question:

I have a few Philips Hue lights in the house connected via Zigbee, and some Nanoleaf Essentials lights connected via Matter. If I use a “Dim to” card in a flow, when the light is off, on the Zigbee lights get turned on automatically when this card runs at the specified brightness.

However with the Nanoleaf lights, this doesn’t work - I have to add a “Turn on” card before the “Dim to” card to make sure the light is on. This works however is a bit clunky as the light turns on at its previous brightness for a fraction of a second and then dims down to the brightness specified.

Just wondering if anybody knows if this is an issue with the Nanoleaf bulbs themselves or perhaps something to do with the Matter spec? Or the Homey Matter implementation? I know it’s in beta so assume there may be one or two things to iron out.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

Before switching off the lamp, always dim to zero? So next time it starts with the last dimming level, it is dimmed to 0

Don’t know what’s the cause, but indeed certain lights of some brands / models do not turn on by changing the dim level, others do.
It’s also the case @ Homey Pro 2019

You’ll have to live with it, or use RMB’s workaround, or ditch the nanoleafs

Same thing with Philips Hue light bulbs.
In addition there is no "Duration"option for the action flow cards to so that the “dim to” could be set to run over several minutes.