Add Qubino ZMNHJD1

I am using Qubino ZMNHJD1 to control my heating system.
These devices are still not recognized in Homey… however there are some user initiatives as seen in the forum :

I do not like to use beta features with command line installed applications to pilot my heating system.

Please Homey developers could you add theses devices to the Qubino official app ?

I guess you have to contact Qubino itself, because they are developing their app. I don’t know if @TedTolboom still supports this app.

I just installed this unit a few days ago. My system has been stable for years now, but after installing Qubino in my Homey it has been hard crashing. Requiring many restarts to regain communication to Homey. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times with the same result. Does anyone have this experience and if so did you find a solution?