Qubino temperature sensor

I am a new Homey user in Australia, transitioning from Vera Plus. I have a number of Qubino temperature sensors connected to a variety of Qubino devices. I have so far added 4 such devices to Homey: 2 Qubino dimmers which correctly report the temperature, and 2 Qubino Relay 2 devices which both report a value of null. Does anybody know whether this is a configuration issue or a bug?

Sounds like a bug. Please email athom since the qubino app is theirs (support@athom.com).

Thanks @Martijn_Hoogenbosch for the response. I have sent Athom a support request. I will update this thread when I hear back from them.

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@OzFrog I have the same problems with Qubino devices, also the power meter not working.

Athom support recommended removing the devices that were reporting a null temperature and adding them back again.This did work: first one at second attempt, next one at 4th attempt, and last one at 7th attempt (yes you did read that right - 7TH ATTEMPT!). The good news is that Qubino temperature sensors DO work - you just have to be VERY patient. :grinning:

Ok tnx.
Exclude from zwave and include again.
Dot it this weekend