Qubino Smart Meter ZMNHTD1 inclusion in Homey with external relais

Hi, I am having trouble in getting my Qubino Smart Meter installed and properly operating in my Homey system. No issues with other Zwave devices.

Is there an update of the software available for Qubino devices ?
Is there a workaround for generic zwave devices using the QR code ?

The Homey interface provides various communication problems, I have put the homey next to the device, but even then it creates communication problems, I could install the meter function once and then needed to create the relais function to manage the power switch, this requires a new installation of the device after the change which never worked too.

Qubino promisses the world with this device but so far no results.

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Hi @Marc_Van_Doorn, I’m considering Qubino Smart Meter ZMNHTD1 for power measurement. I can’t find any feedback with Homey. Would you recommand this device with Homey ? What’s the minimum polling interval ?

I am also having issues adding the Qubino 3-phase meter with the Iskra BiCOM432-40-WM1 to Homey. I get through several of the steps, provide 5 first digits of the DSK code and then get a message that there is a communication error. Any advice?