Qubino Smart Meter model compatibility

I saw a new app in Beta version for Qubino
now it is compatible also with Qubino Smart Meter although it acknowledges model ZMNHTD

this is a very good new as I was looking for an overall power meter compatible with Homey

However the one that is now commercialized is model ZMNHTD1

I wonder there could be any preclusion with this new hardware


the “1” at the end stands for the used frequency, for Europ this is 868.4 MHz

thanks a lot!

Does it work with the 3-phase Smart Meter (ZMNHXD)?

You can find that here: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.qubino

It is not listed, I know. Just wondering if I can pair the ZMNHXD like a ZMNHTD in Homey since they are both Qubino Smart meters?

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I second this, I also want to buy a 3phase meter.

I bought one to test. Had to edit the source code for the Qubino app to get it working, but it was a pain to get it paired with Homey. Ended up buying Aeotec 3 phase meter instead…

And i couldn’t get the aeotec 3phase you work. Wattage was on all rows.

Ska prova quboni nu men väntar tills den stöds officiellt

You have to buy the Aeotec that corresponds to your grid system. In Norway these are typically TN (400V) or IT(230V), and you will need two different products for 3 phase measuring on the different grid systems depending on which you have. 3phase3clamps for TN and 3phase2clamps for IT.

But still it calculates kWh 3 times higher then it really is, so I created a virtual power meter to correct this value. See attached pic for my solution. Screenshot_20181219_183640

I had my electrician install two of the 1-phase smart meter (ZMNHTD?) yesterday. They are listed in te Qubino app as supported so I figured they would work, but they are impossible to pair. Anyone that have managed to include these to Homey?

It is possible that you need to update the firmware of the meter first. You can aks Qubino support for the firmware update file. You will need an uzb to update. Homey doesnt support ota update

Yes, I recon I could try that. Thank you for the reply!

Update: I got them included. Not by using the S-button, but simply turning the fuse on/of. They then entered exclusion mode. On/off again and they’re in inclusion mode.

It has a “when”-card (“when power has changed”). I’m currently not using the “Strømregning”-app, so I use PaperTrails to fetch the monthly reading for me (Add to the log (text) Power Meter (Import). I then use this to calculate the monthly cost.

John Arne

Thanks for the reply! :grinning:
(Just after posting I stumbled across the answer on a different thread so thats why I deleted my question above)