3-phase energy meter

Is there any 3-phase energy meter supported by Homey in any app? I know that Qubino has the 1-phase version which is supported with problems, but haven’t seen any 3-phase meter mentioned.

Yes i have two if these, they work perfekt

Aeotec Home Energy Meter gen2 ZW095-C works very good for me :+1:

Gen5 is working perfect at you?

read / track the link I posted ?

Although the HEM with three pliers is not in the device list, it is recognized. A functionless tile is created but the actual HEM tile works perfectly.

Yes, i do it now.

Do you copiis use the official aeotec app from the app store (version 2.0.29) or the revised version (from version 2.0.17) from github made by kevinhab?

I have a problem that I need to use nano switch never version which is supported from version 2.0.20 forward. But if the 3-phase meter is not working with the official app I’m stuck.

There should be new 3 phase meter available soon Shelly 3EM. Its brother, Shelly EM is supported and works, however its not 3 phase meter. Looking forward to try it as soon as it will be available.

What about this bad boy:

Does anyone know if this one could eventually be integrated?

I bought shelly em3 and have it already since september. Works perfect and calculates not only consumed energy, but produced energy as well (from my solar pannels). Highly recommended.

Maybe you should ask this the developer of the app, Jeroen_Tebbens.

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What is the update frequency of Shelly 3EM? Can you set it to update every second?

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